Among Luxottica's core strengths is its diverse and widespread geographical presence across 150 countries, with institutional offices, wholesale subsidiaries, approximately 8,000 retail stores, 18 distribution centers and 12 manufacturing facilities.


In 2015, Luxottica’s manufacturing facilities located in Italy, China, India, the United States and Brazil, produced a combined total of approximately 93 million prescription frames and sunglasses.

2015 Group output production

Country% of Group output production
Italy 41%
China & India 45%
United States 10%
Brazil 4%

Manufacturing FOOTPRINT

Ongoing R&D and innovation has allowed the Company to strengthen its manufacturing processes, upgrade its capacity at each of these facilities and improve the overall quality of its products. Automation is also key in boosting the efficiency of  Luxottica's productions.

Luxottica’s manufacturing footprint includes six facilities located in Italy, the center of Luxottica’s luxury eyewear production, all of which combine the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with the speed and efficiency of modern automation. Five facilities are located in Northeastern Italy, where most of the country’s eyewear industry is based, and one near Turin. 

Since 1997 Luxottica has had a presence in China through the Dongguan plant in Guangdong province. In 2006, Luxottica increased local manufacturing capacity through the construction of an entirely new facility; in 2010, it began producing plastic sun lenses to be paired with frames that are manufactured in the same location. Soon after, the Company integrated a new state-of-the-art plant, primarily dedicated to frame details and decorations.

The Foothill Ranch facility in California manufactures  high-performance sunglasses, prescription frames and lenses and assembles most of Oakley’s eyewear products. Oakley apparel, footwear and certain goggles are produced by third-party manufacturers.

Luxottica’s Campinas plant in Brazil and a small plant in India serve the local markets.

The Group’s distribution system, comprised of 18 distribution centers with eleven in the Americas, five in Asia-Pacific and two in Europe, is one of the most advanced and efficient in the industry.

It serves both the retail and wholesale businesses, is globally integrated and fed by a centralized manufacturing platform. The network linking the logistics and sales centers to the production facilities in Italy, China, the United States and Brazil provides daily monitoring of global sales performance and inventory levels to meet local market demand.
There are four main distribution centers (hubs) in strategic locations serving the Group’s major markets: Sedico (Italy) for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, select US markets and to the Group’s distribution centers in the rest of the world; Atlanta (US) for the North American market; Dongguan (China) for the Asia Pacific region and Jundiai (Brazil) for the local market. They operate as centralized facilities thanks to a highly automated order management system, servicing other Group distribution centers or, in some markets, shipping products directly to customers, thereby further reducing delivery times and keeping stock levels low.


Logistics Hub in numbers

Logistics HubUnits managed per day
Sedico 235,000
Dongguan 190,000
Atlanta 150,000


Luxottica’s global distribution network is one of the Group’s core strengths. It includes retail stores as well as a wholesale network of third-party stores and chains. Luxottica operates in all the world’s major markets and continues to expand in emerging markets, where it has made substantial investments over the last few years and intends to broaden and strengthen its distribution platform going forward.

Retail 2015 - Net sales by geographic area 

North America 78%
Asia-Pacific 13%
Europe 5%
Latin America 4%

Wholesale 2015 - Net sales by geographic area 

North America 29%
Asia-Pacific 14%
Europe 38%
Latin America 10%
Rest of the world 9%

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