People and Environment


Luxottica has developed a culture of responsibility to our people and our environment

Those who work at Luxottica know they are part of something unique. Team spirit is a founding value that enables everyone to progress in their work thanks to a positive and supportive environment.

In the Group’s day-to-day operations, a welfare oriented approach that extends to asssociates, suppliers and clients ensures that health and safety remain a priority. Luxottica is constantly investing in the training and development of its human resources, both internal and external. 

We invest in training programs that combine our values with daily behavior that develops open and productive relationships between colleagues. A wide offering of courses is accompanied by ongoing feedback and performance assessment.

Managers are encouraged to have an open dialogue with their teams as often as possible. Hiring and promotion are based exclusively on merit, and never influenced by race, gender, age or physical disability.

It is important for Luxottica to invest in the quality of the work environment, as it is the most significant element of support for the personal and professional development of all employees.

Luxottica’s special relationship with its local environment makes us particularly sensitive to environmental issues. As a global citizen, we are increasingly aware and concerned by the threats posed by climate change, pollution, energy and resource use and other challenging issues. This is why all our activities are based on respect and the stewardship of the natural context in which we operate.

While balancing economic growth and market expansion with reduced footprint is not an easy task, we believe that environmental and economic sustainability are intertwined and therefore we are committed to continuously monitoring and reducing our environmental impact and contributing to improving the health of our natural resources where we operate.

Global work rights

Luxottica Group is committed to developing the abilities and skills of all its employees so that the energy and creativity of the individual finds full expression in the pursuit and achievement of the Company’s corporate purpose

Luxottica Group offers all its employees the same career opportunities and ensures that everyone is treated on the basis of merit and with no discrimination. Human resources staff must:

  • adopt criteria of merit and skills and in any decision regarding an employee;
  • select, hire, train, pay and manage employees without any form of discrimination;
  • create a work environment free of discrimination.

All employees must actively collaborate in maintaining a climate of mutual respect for everyone’s dignity and reputation.

Luxottica is committed to fostering and consolidating a culture of safety by raising awareness of risks, promoting responsible conduct on the part of all its people and working to safeguard their health and safety, above by means of prevention.

All Luxottica Group’s activities must be carried out in full compliance with current legislation on accident prevention and protection. Operating management must adopt advanced environmental protection and energy efficiency criteria and improve workplace health and safety conditions. Luxottica Group also guarantees working conditions that safeguard the psycho-physical health of its employees and their moral personality, which must in no way be improperly influenced or manipulated.

Our position on underage labor

In whatever country it operates, Luxottica Group refuses to exploit child labor.

In addition to fully complying with local legislation, Luxottica promotes the safeguarding of workers’ rights, trade union freedom and freedom of association in general.

Employees are encouraged to immediately report any infringement of such provisions to the head of Human Resources.

Health and security

The safeguarding of health and the fostering of a culture of workplace safety are a priority for Luxottica. To this end, the Company has introduced, and is continuously improving with cooperation from all involved, an organization model that favours an open and constructive approach to mantaining a safe working environment.

Workplace safety is not just a question of complying with the law but a moral responsibility. This is the spirit with which Luxottica deals on a daily basis with safety issues and fosters a culture of safety through innovative training programs for all grades.

Working environments and individual work stations are designed to be safe - from design to manufacturing - with a constant focus on accident prevention procedures, industrial hygiene and the physiological and behavioral aspects that may be involved in the occurrence of accidents and occupational diseases.

Prevention covers a range of regulations and measures adopted in all types of work to eliminate or reduce risks to people’s health and the environment. Such risks are identified and managed by the Company’s prevention and protection service.

There are a number of behavioral rules that all employees must abide by:

  • look after your own safety and health and those of other people in the workplace whom your actions or inaction may affect;
  • contribute at all times, together with safety officers, to the fulfillment of obligations safeguarding workplace safety and health;
  • comply with instructions from health and safety officers for the purpose of collective and individual protection;
  • use all machinery, equipment, tools, hazardous substances and means of transport correctly and use safety devices where necessary;
  • make proper use of the protection devices provided.

Prevention requires major investments and the cooperation of everyone to make them effective. In this context, safety management is an integral part of the organization and everyone has an active role to play: executives, managers, health & safety officers and operatives all work in synergy in order to work better and more safely.

Accident at work: any traumatic event occurring in the workplace that causes death or a physical disability involving absence from work for more than a day, excluding the day of the event itself.

Occupation disease: a harmful condition occurring in a gradually and non-traumatic manner and whose onset must be during and as a result of work.

Causes: causes of accidents include organizational failures, the unsuitability of technical conditions, environments, machines, plant or equipment, lack or inadequacy of signage or individual or collective protection devices, incorrect behavior by those suffering accidents or others.

Prevention, the only efficient method by which to reduce accidents at work and protect safety

Luxottica has always been deeply committed to the culture of prevention and in 2007 it launched a major project to raise the level of safety of its employees and make everyone aware of the issues involved. Guaranteeing a safe working environment, making Luxottica the best place to work in and protecting personal safety are the objectives of “Zero Accidents”, a project that backs up routine control with a different sort of instrument, something that acts in terms of prevention and stimulus to “do better”.

“Zero Accidents” involves everyone, whether staff or operatives, and all plants, and represents an important means by which to reduce accidents and guarantee personal safety

  • for each production plant, a prevention and protection service has been created whose work is supported by the central coordination structure and which aims to standardise behaviour and guidance.
  • the primary objective of the project is to reduce the number of accidents in the departments to a minimum, emphasising the "personal liability" aspect, through the involvement of all workers.

Thanks to the constant investments, Luxottica has reported over the years a significant improvement in security at work and a major decrease of about 60% in factory accidents

Among the initiatives that confirm Luxottica’s constant commitment to its people is the organization of Safety Week to raise awareness on safety and prevention.

During the first edition, in 2014, about 8,000 employees of the Group's Italian plants were involved in five days of training, education and prevention activities. The second edition, in 2015, was held at Luxottica’s factories in China. Among the events, the Safety Fair where each booth provided practical knowledge and information about safety, displayed the most advanced safety equipment, arranged safety-themed games and meetings with experts. The Safety Day ended the five-day event, celebrating the central role of safety and prevention in China’s factories and throughout the Group.

As part of an ongoing process of prevention, Luxottica has always invested in measures to reduce risks linked to catastrophes such as fire, earthquakes and flooding. In this regard, in 2017, the company that provides catastrophe insurance for our group gave our Logistics site in Sedico an HPR (highly protected risk) rating thanks to the protection measures we have put in place over the years.

This is the first Luxottica site to obtain this recognition and one of only a few sites in Italy.


Diversity and inclusion

For Luxottica, diversity is a value to safeguard and promote. Everyone working for Luxottica must be able to look beyond differences

“Luxottica is a global enterprise. Our colleagues come from all over the world and from the most diverse cultures”

What is culture? Geert Hofstede – a pioneer of cultural anthropology in business and organizations – says that “the human mind is a computer and culture is its software”. Culture is HOW we are programmed to do our everyday things. The culture we share with other people tacitly unites us in the same patterns of behavior, attitudes and values. Culture influences our way of behaving in the workplace, of reacting to situations and establishing priorities.

Everyone working for Luxottica must be able to handle differences, for the simple reason that all its customers and employees come from widely differing cultures.
Managers must be able to create working environments that are favorable and stimulating for all these people. It’s not just another “variable”, it’s the basis of our competitive advantage.

We believe in the strategic importance of understanding cultural patterns, through analysis of different identities, relational and communicational attitudes and ways of reacting to the environment, and through positive action to respect and support them.


Diversity in Luxottica is expressed everyday in its business, brands, clients and employees, and is key to our leadership position in the industry

Being open to new visions and ways of thinking and understanding personal and professional experience, leadership styles and cultural “frames” and the more or less profound differences between them, continues to guide our growth. It already forms the foundation of our future development, in a continual effort to develop our potential in increasingly competitive global markets. These values are pivotal in our philosophy and the characteristics we draw on everyday, in ourselves and our relationships.

Luxottica believes in the power of diversity and organizes numerous programs and work groups to foster the culture of diversity

Culture team

These are groups of volunteer employees focused on raising awareness of cultural diversity within the Company. They provide specific training in the skills required to understand and cater for diversity.

Diversity training

All Luxottica people can count on back-up materials on the subject of diversity, including “Dialogue on a Changing World”, a manual produced in-house.

Employees opinion survey

The method of choice for measuring the culture of diversity in our Company. It enables us to track our sensibility in this field from year to year, which is also a source of great pride.


We are continually developing relations with suppliers, sales agents and other stakeholders to create a community and make Luxottica more than ever the best place in which to work, buy or invest.

Volunteer opportunities

People who work in Luxottica are encouraged to participate in solidarity programs in defense of different cultures.


Luxottica is one of the co-founders of Valore D, the first association of large companies formed in Italy to support diversity, talent and women's leadership for the growth of enterprises and the country. Luxottica's commitment on this front is part of the culture and history of the company. Valore D promotes an innovative corporate structure that overcomes the implicit gender bias and favors reconciliation, provides women managers the tools and knowledge relevant to their professional growth and proposes a new cultural model that includes the full participation of women in the economic and social life of the country.


Being committed to and investing resources in increasing the wellbeing of its employees and their family members is the method preferred by Luxottica for investing also in the growth and future of the company.

The Welfare System is the most recent expression of this commitment and primarily involves approximately 10,000 people working at the Group’s Italian plants and Milan offices and their families.

The main areas of action concern young people and education; income support; health and wellbeing; mobility; services for individuals and families. 

The offer ranges from basic consumer goods to preventative and diagnostic medicine, from dental and specialist care to solidarity microfinance, from counselling to balancing private life and work. Of fundamental importance are the actions for young people: scholarships and the reimbursement of university taxes for the most deserving students, academic and professional orientation courses, apprenticeships in companies, study abroad holidays.

The Luxottica Welfare System was set up in 2009 in a considerably uncertain economic climate. Its aim is to take positive action to support its employees’ buying power with non-monetary forms of remuneration in addition to traditional forms.

The first tangible action was the delivery of a “shopping basket” of basic necessities for all employees of the manufacturing and logistics sites in Italy. The initiative – a project that was unique at the time – marked the start of a road that in subsequent years would lead to the introduction of numerous other proposals in relation to healthcare, social services, education and mobility. 

The project soon exceeded the dimension of short- and mid-term income support and was established on the panorama of large Italian companies as a model of social responsibility towards employees, their family members and the territory. Its innovative strength is built on certain intrinsically linked cornerstones: the culture of quality, the involvement of employees and economic sustainability.

The culture of quality is the basis of a virtuous cycle that connects employee wellbeing to the wellbeing of Luxottica. The Welfare System’s beneficial effects on the quality of life strengthen social unity, a feeling of belonging and confidence in the company, which is confirmed in its role of benchmark for the entire community, also from the point of view of ethical values. Employees are spontaneously motivated to share company objectives and improve the quality of their work to the advantage of competitiveness and cost reduction. Resources are thereby recouped and can be reinvested in new initiatives, which makes the System economically sustainable. 

The Group’s approach to corporate welfare is a model of innovation also in the area of industrial relations because it is based on the value of consulting with trade union organizations. Reviewed and expanded in 2013, the Luxottica Group’s Welfare System is managed by a bilateral joint governance committee that proposes and assesses actions and verifies that they correspond to the real needs of employees, analyses and supports managerial actions that are necessary for achieving increasingly high standards of quality, and decides how the financial resources for the program are allocated.

Young people and education

In this priority area we have taken tangible action to support new generations at a time when they are beginning to lay the foundations for their professional future. 

Professional/educational guidance

In collaboration with public and private educational structures in the territory, Luxottica organizes orientation courses for all upper secondary school pupils in the province of Belluno, to help them identify the best opportunities for entering the working world. The initiatives include: “digital education” - studying and working with sector professionals to inform students and raise their awareness about the importance of managing their presence on the network and about employment opportunities associated with digitalization; intensive preparation courses for university entrance exams during the summer months. 

Prevention of abandonment and support of schooling

Luxottica promotes and finances remedial classes for all upper secondary school students in the province of Belluno, with precedence given to mathematics and foreign languages. With a view to alternating education and work, it also offers paid educational training and summer apprenticeships within the Group or with external companies for third and fourth year professional school students who are the children of Luxottica employees. 

Merit and excellence award

The most deserving students at secondary schools, universities or postgraduate master’s degree students are rewarded with a scholarship that varies according to academic level. University students with average marks equal to or higher than 29/30 and who sat all the exams in the annual study plan, can benefit from the integral reimbursement of taxes until they graduate. Both these initiatives are for the children of the Group’s employees and student-workers.


During the summer, Luxottica organizes camps for the children of employees at the Group’s Italian and European offices, holiday weeks in famous Italian tourist resorts with entertainment, sports instruction and English lessons. Alternatively, it offers holidays abroad, where they live with the families of Luxottica employees.

Income support

Recipients: the Group’s Italian plant employees and their family members.

The shopping basket envisages the distribution of basic food products.

Solidarity microfinance

Luxottica offers financial support to employees who are in difficulty and do not have access to ordinary credit channels. The aim is to help them with important, essential expenses: medical, scholastic not included in the area of education, for the home and for assisting family members, children and the elderly. 

Reimbursement of textbook costs

Luxottica reimburses the cost of textbooks required for the scholastic program and university exams.

Health and wellbeing

Recipients: the Group’s Italian plant employees and their family members.

Health insurance

Insurance coverage of medical, diagnostic and specialist costs for employees and their family members. 

Listening and counselling

A telephone listening and support service aimed at improving the quality of work, social and family relations and coping with moments of uncertainty and psychological and material difficulties. Held by qualified clinical psychologists, they are completely free and confidential. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Recipients: the Group’s Italian plant employees and their families.

Collective transport

A collective public transport service for the workplace-home commute aims to limit inconvenience for employees with flexitime schedules.

Annual season ticket instalments

On behalf of its employees Luxottica pays local transport companies in advance for annual season tickets for the workplace-home commute. This also applies to employees’ children who are students and commute between home and school. 

Services for individuals and families

Recipients: Milan office employees and their family members.

Babysitting on demand

A team of selected professionals for supporting families in supervising and caring for children in their own home during the day or for limited periods of time.

Family room

A virtual space for parents where they can hold meetings, workshops and laboratories with experts on subjects associated with parenting: pediatric first aid, infant nutrition, games, tasks and tantrums, life-work balance. 

New-born care

A team of experts to answer the parents’ doubts and fears that arise during the first weeks of a baby’s life. Assistance with experiencing parenthood in a way that is calmer and better informed.


The “company butler” is available for several services: dry cleaning, shoe repairing, tailoring, completion of paperwork, collection of medical exam results. 

The other initiatives include Family Care: agreements with summer camps, financial contribution for child care, selection of babysitter for regular service.

Last updated: Feb 08 2017