Arnette: from street style to stars

Arnette: from street style to stars

Born from youth subculture, the eyewear became an international icon thanks to creativity, an irreverent style and passionate attention to the needs of its public: young people


To understand the spirit of a brand, just take a look at its symbol collection. Speaking for Arnette, a Californian eyewear brand, is the Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.) collection: a range of different sun frames featuring interchangeable arms for creating a customized and individual mix. An invitation to express your creativity and create a style that’s outside the box.

Guided by the principle that doing things your way is the only right way, Arnette was founded in Orange County California in 1992. This principle also guides the community of ambassadors that today inspire the company and allows it to create products with a strong individual imprint, just like the target audience that it is dedicated to.

Young, irreverent, creative: these are the members of the Arnette community. Taking part in fulfilling their personality and putting their individuality into what they wear is the rule for them. Creating their vision and adding their point of view are permanent traits of a generation that loves and accepts challenges, as well as of Arnette’s evolution. Even if the brand now has an increasingly global dimension, it is still in tune with the youth counter culture, music, art and board-sport culture  and has become one of their symbols. Communication makes use of artists from different street style environments (musicians, tattoo artists, skaters, photographers) who wear and provide the context for various sun and RX models by experimenting with their unique style while sharing the feeling of belonging to the same family.

The Arnette route can be summarized in four stages of growth. The pioneering experiments with eyewear models for a young public. The creation of iconic niche pieces that reach an increasingly wider public. The transformation of Arnette into a classic counter culture staple, and, lastly, the achievement of international icon status, worn by athletes and celebrities. 

The creators of this success have been different models and styles of eyewear, like the original Black Dog, Catfish and Raven, and the most recent Tall Boy, Fire Drill, Dropout and Witch Doctor. Original, iconic frames whose excellence is guaranteed by quality materials and attention to detail: hand-treated acetate for RX models, sun models with polycarbonate lenses for maximum durability – ideal for action sports. Another key element: attention to its chosen public. Since the primary targets are the youth with different size faces, it is impossible to fuse everything into one size so the RX segment has many different sizes.  Another essential feature is the brand’s logo on the arm at temple height.

Do you want to say something about yourself? The latest arrivals in the A.C.E.S. Collection include The Dean, inspired by the icons of the big screen and featuring a mixed-material frame and an extra set of arms (plus screws to mount them). It comes with a case and decorated pouch to carry the eyewear or anything you need to take with you on a day in the city: keys, smartphone or anything else you need to stash away. Born from youth counter culture and street style, Arnette is well aware of what its “followers need.”

Published on Apr 01 2015