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Commitment to Excellence

An important part of being a socially responsible company is having an unwavering Commitment to Excellence. This characteristic, something beyond words, something we can proudly stand behind, is what makes Luxottica a company that employees want to work for and other companies want to do business with.

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Perhaps it is rooted in our Italian heritage, where craftsmanship not only refers to the masterful art by which eyewear is made, but also the art of how Luxottica conducts itself as a leading global business, being made up of people of substance.

This is where a Commitment to excellence starts, with people constantly committed to being the best version of themselves and delivering the best products and services possible. Luxottica provides an environment where excellence is the rule and an uncompromising set of values and principles guide every decision and action.

Woven into the fabric of Luxottica from its humble roots to its current day global presence, Commitment to excellence is evident in the following areas:

  • Product. Luxottica is known for creating the world’s most beautiful eyewear. But its commitment to product excellence goes deeper than aesthetics.  When customers purchase a pair of prescription frames or sunglasses, they are getting a unique product made with the highest standards of quality.
  • Market expansion. Luxottica enters and grows in every market with a local-first mentality.  This means developing a true understanding of and respect for the local culture, landscape, workforce and consumer needs. The Group’s commitment to being a good partner to local businesses, hiring and training local talent and protecting the local environment is a shining example of excellence and has earned Luxottica its reputation across regions.
  • Compliance & Risk management. Luxottica’s Code of Ethics is at the heart of its commitment to excellence. Employees are called upon to act with integrity and professionalism inside and outside the Company, following not only the laws and regulations of the regions where they operate, but also Luxottica’s own high standards of conduct. This not only reduces business risk and protects the reputation of the Company and its brands, it inspires a kind of success driven by doing the right thing, on behalf of the Company, the community and the consumer.

A Company open to the world

The spirit of excellence in the DNA of Luxottica can be seen in its ability to expand the world over while respecting local territories and cultures, an extraordinary source of stimuli and a wealth of prospects, characterizing each new area the Group makes contact with.

The specific knowledge acquired abroad provides precious information and a continuous incentive for improving production and services, helping to understand and anticipate future trends, and diversifying production to meet the needs of different markets.

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The drive to excellence, a value that characterizes all Group activities, has always been fundamental to governance at Luxottica, based on the following pillars:

  • the central role of the Board of Directors
  • defined, acknowledged and shared values, which are set out in the Code of Ethics
  • a proactive risk management system
  • the adoption of an adequate internal control system
  • a remuneration and general incentive system for managers linked to the creation of sustainable value over time
  • the effectiveness and transparency of management decisions, the adoption of proper and transparent rules regarding transactions carried out by related parties and the appropriate processing of confidential information.



Compliance & Risk Management


Continuous research into excellence and the ability to reinvent and innovate are part of the history of Luxottica and characterize its operations. A central role is played by the Code of Ethics, which sets out the principles and fundamental values that inspire its conduct, and the ethical and responsible enterprise culture of Luxottica. It applies to all companies, geographies and functions in the Group, and must be adopted by all stakeholders with direct relations with the Group’s business, including all employees, collaborators and suppliers. The Code of Ethics is available in the five major languages of the Group and is translated into the local language, where applicable. 

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