Commitment to Excellence

A Company open to the world


This focus on excellence can be seen in the strategies undertaken to expand the business in new countries. Whether in Italy or abroad, Luxottica creates strong ties to local communities, where it develops a unique understanding of the people and culture. It promotes local development and, at the same time, takes new inspiration from it and exports the best values, innovation and creativity from all over the world.


As a global company, Luxottica interprets and values different cultures and the particular features of diverse markets.

The common denominators are its standards and “made in Italy” quality, an absolute and distinctive value shared by all of its sites in Italy, China, the US, Brazil and India. The facilities, that are all ISO 9001 certified, employ local staff and each one has its own specific features, connected with the manufacturing requirements of the Group and the host country. What is common to all plants are the technology, manufacturing processes and quality culture, identical from Italy to China and Brazil, where the same working methods are used with the same sense of belonging to the Group, which can be found over the world: a common language bringing the Group closer together over borders and across oceans. 

Boasting over 50 years of manufacturing experience in Italy, in 2017 Luxottica also celebrated 20 years of activity in China. Having first set foot in China in 1997 by purchasing a stake in a plant in Dongguan in the province of Guangdong, wholly-owned since 2001, in subsequent years it has gradually expanded its presence in the country, significantly increasing its production capacity and developing the wholesale and retail businesses in the country.

With a total surface area of around 250,000 square meters, around 11,800 employees, three plants and a new logistics hub with integrated lens laboratory, the Chinese production and distribution hub is second in importance only to the Italian one, being responsible for around 46% of the Group’s production, and is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and processes that make it a model of innovation and sustainability. Innovation and sustainability are also the distinctive features of the building that hosts the new logistics hub which, constructed in 2016, has obtained the LEED Gold certification. 

The approach of Luxottica was successful because it was gradual and respectful of diversity, while at the same time exemplifying the Group’s values of excellence and enterprise. The desire to truly understand Chinese culture, constant and valuable interaction with institutions and the community enabled the Company to integrate perfectly and become a local manufacturer, while contributing to the social and economic development in the region. In accordance with its vertical integration model, Luxottica has maintained control of all production phases in China, guaranteeing high levels of quality and efficiency and working conditions in line with the Group’s international standards. Dongguan is a perfect replication of Luxottica’s Italian factories model while respecting the specific dimensions of the local culture. 

Another model of integration is Brazil, where, in over 20 years, the Group has developed a top-class integrated platform driving the growth of the eyewear category. The Campinas production plant, which manufactures 100% “made in Brazil” eyewear collections for some proprietary brands (Ray-Ban, Vogue Eyewear, Arnette and Oakley) and under license for A|X Armani Exchange, is complemented by an extensive wholesale network and Sunglass Hut, Oakley and Óticas Carol branded stores.


Every brand in the portfolio has its own strong, individual identity cultivated by Luxottica thanks to the creation of unique, original collections that improve the comfort and allow the wearers to express themselves. Besides, direct relationships with consumers and constant interaction with local communities provide ideal opportunities to improve production and introduce innovation and the diversification of products based on the specifics of each country. One example is the “Asian fit” models, available for the majority of Luxottica’s eyewear collections, designed specifically for the unique characteristics of Asian faces with perfect fit and wearability. The pioneer was Ray-Ban, which launched its first “Asian fit” collection in 2009, and in a few short years it was followed by Oakley, Vogue Eyewear, Oliver Peoples and various brands under license. In 2017 most of the brands in the portfolio had “Asian fit” models. In addition, many of them also propose “Asian design” collections, which are designed and manufactured to meet the aesthetic tastes and needs of Asian consumers.