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Our way of doing business


At Luxottica, we know that our success depends on the well-being of our people, our communities, and the natural world. That’s why our responsible business approach is based on innovation and respect- for people and for the environment.

Corporate Responsibility

Responsibility and innovation are central to our history and part of our DNA. They guide us day by day in our business decisions and relationships with our stakeholders.

Luxottica is an international organization that operates in various institutional, economic, political, social and cultural contexts in continuous and rapid evolution. We interact with thousands of people and organisations- our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our business partners, and our communities.

Our mission is one: to protect the eyes and enhance the looks of women and men throughout the world by making and marketing sun and optical eyewear of high technical and stylistic quality whilst respecting the environment in which we operate.

As market leader, Luxottica has the expertise, potential and responsibility to directly help people throughout the world to see, including people who can’t afford eyewear.

This is why we created OneSight, a family of philanthropic programs designed to improve or restore people’s sight through research and education, employee volunteering missions to developing nations, and donations. OneSight represents the soul of Luxottica and is based on 25 years of innovation and commitment.

Transparency in supply chain disclosure

Luxottica has adopted both a Code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics, with which employees, business partners and suppliers are expected to comply. Luxottica produces the vast majority of its products at facilities that it owns and where it controls hiring and employment practices. The Codes require that all associated with Luxottica behave ethically and within the bounds of the law, to respect the rights of people’s dignity, health and safety, and that also denounces the use of child labor. Luxottica promotes the safeguarding of workers’ rights, trade union freedom and freedom of association in general. 

Luxottica investigates the reputation and lawfulness of the suppliers it uses, and supervises the observance by its suppliers of its Code of Ethics through frequent company employee visits. The company is in the process to deploy a Global Audit program designed to cover Environmental, Health, Safety & Social aspect.

Luxottica requires suppliers to comply with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the product is made and strives to ensure that the rights contemplated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are guaranteed in the different countries in which it operates.

Luxottica supervises the observance of the Code of Ethics, providing information, prevention tools and controls and assuring the transparency of its operations and behaviors, intervening with remedial actions as necessary. Compliance  with the Code of Ethics is a requirement for continued employment or business relationship with Luxottica.

Regular training is a part of employment with Luxottica, including that related to compliance with the law. Specific training relating to human trafficking and slavery and mitigation of the risk of such practices with the supply chain is in the process of development.

The market

Luxottica operates in a continually evolving and highly competitive global market

Luxottica operates in a continually evolving and highly competitive global market.

We are committed in mature markets on a day-to-day basis and are engaged in all the challenges that have arisen in the last three years. We strive constantly to adapt to and anticipate change in each market, often managing to guide such developments.

In the emerging world, Luxottica puts it leadership potential at the service of local markets. We are convinced that through its knowledge of these markets Luxottica can further improve its distribution platform. This is why we have made substantial investments in the last few years and intend to expand and strengthen our operations in these countries.

Competitive positioning

Luxottica’s success is based on a perfect combination of and interaction between key factors

Luxottica’s success is based on a perfect combination of and interaction between the following key factors:
Last updated Sep 22 2014