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Selection of suppliers and formulation of conditions of purchase of goods and services in Luxottica Group companies are based on principles on fair competition, objectivity, rectitude, impartiality, price equity and quality of goods and services, and takes into account guarantees of assistance and the scenario of offerings in general

Procurement processes must be geared to obtaining maximum competitive advantage for Luxottica Group and loyalty and impartiality towards all suppliers in possession of the relevant requisites. Suppliers’ collaboration is continually sought to satisfy the needs of Luxottica Group’s clients in terms of quality and delivery times.

Stipulation of a contract with a supplier must always be based on the utmost clarity. All contractual constraints involving forms of dependence on a supplier must be avoided where possible.

The need to obtain maximum competitive advantage for Luxottica Group must in no way compromise the capacity of Luxottica Group or its suppliers to operate in line with current law and, more generally, with the commitment to safeguarding employees’ dignity, health and safety and to protecting the environment.

Last updated Jan 08 2014