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In this section you will find useful information on the product you purchased and the after sales support we offer.


Customer Support

For any customer support, your authorized retailer is the best and most professional point of reference. We invite you to contact him as a first option.

In this section you will find useful information for finding out about the customer services offered by our brands and sales channels.


For the warranty, repairs and purchase of spare parts in the United States, you can also contact Luxottica Warranty & Repair Service Center by following this link



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Authorized Retailers

If you need assistance, please contact the authorized retailer where you purchased the product.

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Please follow the links below to know about Luxottica’s manufacturer Limited warranty and related services.


Luxottica products (sunglasses and optical frames) are the result of a unique combination of design and quality excellence. For this reason, besides the customer care programs and the legal warranty - provided by retailers in accordance with the laws and regulations of the relevant countries - your product is protected by a manufacturer warranty offered by Luxottica (Limited Warranty) against manufacturing defects.

For consumers who are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in the country of purchase or, if different, the country of residence, the benefits conferred by the Luxottica Limited Warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies covered  by such consumer protection laws and regulations. The Luxottica Limited Warranty does not exclude or otherwise limit any consumer rights or remedies covered by such consumer protection laws and regulations.


Luxottica warrants that the purchased product is free from manufacturing defects (in material or workmanship) for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover: scratches on sun lenses; defects caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock, improper use or storage of the product; unauthorized modifications or repairs; normal wear and tear, as well as any issue concerning prescription lenses.

How to make a claim

Please contact the retailer where you bought your product, within 24 months from the date of purchase.

A proof of purchase will be requested as part of the warranty assessment.

Depending on the issue, the frame or corresponding defective part will be replaced or repaired.


If your product needs to be repaired, we recommend going to the retailer who sold you the product: he will assess the problem and propose the best solution.


We recommend contacting your authorized retailer or going to an authorized retailer in your area: they will be able to assist you and, if necessary, order the spare parts for you. 

Still need some help?

Please complete this form and you will be contacted by a Luxottica representative. 

Please note that this form must be used for consumers’ after sales services enquiries only.







Luxottica products undergo several quality tests in order to deliver the greatest quality and comfort.

Quality tests

Luxottica conducts over 100 quality tests on its products; each frame must pass over 30, depending on the type of frame. Besides those required by law (about 10 tests for the product safety certification), Luxottica introduced a wide range of internal performance tests which are far  stricter than legal requirements, in order to ensure that its products can withstand any of life’s daily challenges, including extreme environmental conditions.

Allergy tests

All the frames produced by Luxottica comply with European Directives 93/42, 89/686 and with the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemical) regulation about the presence of chrome and nickel materials. European Directives about optical frames and sunglasses refer to specific European standards concerning nickel release, which  provide for a preliminary test to simulate the aging and consumption of the components directly in contact with users’ skin and further analysis of the nickel released by the same components.

Lens protection

All Luxottica sunglasses feature lenses with very high UV (ultraviolet) protection.  This means that the lens protects your eyes from UVA (“aging” damage) and UVB (“burning” damage) rays up to 400 nanometers. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to our eyes, so protection in your eyewear is very important.

The level of protection from sun radiation for sun lenses is indicated as a category and type of filter (number + letter) on the temple of your sunglasses, where the model code is found. The number indicates the filter category  (protection against sun glare) from 0 to 4:

0 - very limited

1 - limited

2 - good

3 - high

4 - very high

The letter indicates the type of filter (N=normal, P=polarized, F=photochromic). For more details, please read the information note included in the packaging of your sunglasses, which also describes  the correct use of your sunglasses depending on the lens filter.


Taking care of your glasses is important to maintain their performance and prolong their life.


Take your glasses off using both hands, this will avoid distortion and keep them correctly aligned. Removing them with one hand will loosen them over time. Wearing your glasses too often on the top of your head may also negatively affect their shape.

Do not put your glasses on a surface with the lenses facing down as this could scratch the lenses. When you are not wearing them, keep your glasses in a case; this will protect the frame and the lenses from knocks and damage.

Do not leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car, or anywhere else that will expose them to very high temperatures, which could damage the coatings or distort the plastic frame.

Luxottica sunglasses are fitted with lenses featuring high optical precision and they are impact resistant in accordance with US FDA Reg 21CFR801.410. They are not suitable for:

  • direct viewing of the sun or solar eclipses
  • protection from UV rays from artificial light sources (e.g. tanning beds)
  • protection from blows or impact
  • driving at night or in poor visibility

Use only original accessories and spare parts.


Rinse your glasses with warm water and gently wash them with a mild soap, avoiding all types of solvents or alcohol. Dry them using a clean, soft cloth. You can also clean them with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution specifically for eyewear lenses. Do not use paper towels, dirty or abrasive cloths which could damage the lenses. Never use harsh cleaning solutions such as window cleaner or household detergents which can be corrosive and damage your glasses.

For special materials such as wood, leather, fabric (i.e. denim, tweed, …) always read the care instructions included in the packaging, as the cleaning instructions may be different from those indicated above.


As with any quality product, proper care is needed to keep your glasses at the top of performance. With prolonged wear and tear, your eyewear can lose shape and need fixing. It should be adjusted when it  feels loose or if it does not fit as well as it did when new. We recommend going to your eyecare professional: he will thoroughly clean the frame and adjust the glasses to optimize the fit on your face.

Last updated: Nov 07 2017