Fighting counterfeiting: our way of protecting brands and customers

Fighting counterfeiting: our way of protecting brands and customers

Counterfeiting is an illegal activity that not only affects companies and brands, but can also cause serious damage to the health of consumers who buy poor-quality products.


Luxottica has worked aggressively in its global fight against counterfeiting and the parallel market with dedicated teams based in Italy, China and the United States.

Technology is playing a critical role in these efforts. The G.L.O.W (Guaranteed Luxottica Origin Worldwide) program, an innovative traceability system that uses RFID sensors embedded in Luxottica’s branded frames, is proof of this. These trackable frames, sent to authorized retailers across the world from the Group’s factories, are completely safe for the consumer. They do not emit radio waves or record personal data. Scaled down to microscopic size, the RFID chip  contains all the technology needed to identify each pair of glasses on its journey from production to store without impacting product design. This allows Luxottica to step up checks and inspections throughout the supply chain and combat sales channels offering counterfeit products or products from the parallel market.

Launched in 2015, the program is constantly expanding. Thanks to new technological solutions being implemented, today around 80% of Ray-Ban and Oakley models are fitted with the RFID system, and in 2019 coverage will continue to increase gradually.

The company protects its intellectual property by monitoring both online and offline channels, through the systematic checking and seizing of counterfeit goods by customs officials around the world (collaborating with local authorities is essential in this respect), and by monitoring websites, online marketplaces, social media and mobile applications. Each day, hundreds of offers for counterfeit products are checked, analyzed and removed.

Last July, 5,000 domains related to the sale or promotion of fake or unauthorized Ray-Ban and Oakley products were taken down after an order was issued by a U.S. Federal Court. This judgement represented a significant step forward in the intense fight against counterfeiting. Since 2016, initiatives to protect Luxottica products have led to the shutdown of over 120,000 fraudulent domains and websites.

Published on Mar 07 2019