Human Resources Committee


The committee, among other duties, shall submit proposals on the remuneration of the Directors and examines the incentive plans for employees of the Group.

According to the Code of Conduct issued by Borsa Italiana, on April 19, 2018 the Board of Directors appointed the following members of the Human Resources Committee: Andrea Zappia, Chairman, Marco Giorgino and Sabrina Pucci.

The Committee, whose meetings are recorded in minutes taken by the Group Director of Human Resources, performs investigations, offers consultations and submits proposals to the Board of Directors, including for the following:

  • the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company having certain additional responsibilities and the determination of the criteria for the remuneration of the senior management of the Company and of the Group;
  • the incentive plans for Luxottica Group employees; and the criteria for the composition of the management bodies of significant subsidiaries.

The Committee periodically assesses the criteria adopted for the remuneration of the senior management of the Company and of the Group and supervises their application and execution. It also supervises the development, application and execution of the incentive plans approved by the Shareholders’ Meetings.

The Committee meets when the Chairman deems it appropriate or when requested by another member of the Committee. Interested parties are excluded from the Committee deliberations.
When the Committee deems it necessary to discuss certain issues in more detail, Senior Executives are invited to take part in the relevant part of such meetings.

For further information, please see the Annual Report on Corporate Governance and the Remuneration Report.

Last updated: May 14 2019