The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins!


Hello!  My name is Joe Cummings and I work on the Target Optical brand team.  I have the incredible honor and somewhat daunting task of being clinic blogger for my first ever OneSight mission.  My mission is taking me to Portland, Maine and as I write this i'm sitting in Philadephia airport awaiting my connecting flight to Portland.

I have been with Luxottica for over 11 years and this is the first clinic I have ever been on.  I mean, i've done a ton of local clinics in Cincinnati and participated in school vision screenings, but i've never actually traveled away from home for over a week to be with a bunch of folks I don't know in order to help the world to see.

I'm trying to ascertain how i'm feeling about the whole thing - computing emotions... excited, yes but that's not the main emotion, what else am I feeling... happy - sure, honored - definitely... but wait, here comes the main emotion, I can tell what it is now... sheer and utter FEAR!

Will my new team mates that are going to be stuck with me for a week like me?  Will my blog be remotely interesting to others?  Will I be able to do justice to the no doubt powerful emotions we are all going to feel during this week of giving free eyewear to those who otherwise would never be able to see clearly?  I certainly hope so, but you can probably understand my trepidation.

I'm really excited most about a couple of things:

1) We are going to be helping school kids see so they can be successful in school and ultimately in life.  It's an incredibly worthy cause!

2) We are going to have a vision van to help manufacture eyewear for the kids who need it on site and dispense to them same day.  The nerd in me cannot wait to learn how to actually make a pair of glasses and then actually see them providing clear vision to a child who couldn't see before.  How cool is that?

This opportunity is just one small reason why I love Luxottica and OneSight with such a passion. 

My intent with this blog is to (hopefully) make you smile, laugh, maybe even cry.  I'm going to be posting tons of pics and videos of my experiences at the clinic, so please join me on my journey over the course of the next 7 days.

Next up... I get to meet the team!  Watch this space for pics, and bios!

Oh and if you think my turn of phrase is a little quirky sometimes, i'm originally from the UK - so you will see the odd 'Cheers' in my posts.  Know that 'Cheers' has several meanings including, goodbye and thank you, it's not just a toast!

So, for now take care and of course...


Published on Apr 12 2014