Luxottica and OneSight for World Sight Day

Luxottica and OneSight for World Sight Day

A pair of eyeglasses can help many people see a brighter future. This is Luxottica's contribution to World Sight Day.


Promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), World Sight Day on October 12th aims to raise awareness on blindness and vision impairment. On this occasion, Luxottica, together with OneSight, renews its commitment with a vision care initiative.

The aim is to enable everyone to have easier access to preventative vision care, including people living in difficult conditions. The initiative is part of a larger project on sustainability which also means, for Luxottica, playing a key social role to guarantee people’s wellbeing.

To make a concrete contribution to World Sight Day, Luxottica has decided, for the first time, to organise this initiative in Italy, starting with the city of Milan. For ten days, from 16 to 27 October, free eye examinations and glasses will be offered to help visually impaired people at some of Milan's most important charitable organizations: Istituto Martinitt, the “Enzo Jannacci” shelter (Casa dell’accoglienza “Enzo Janacci”) and Fondazione Arca. With the support of the associations involved, they will welcome people in need from various disadvantaged districts and areas of Milan who require an eye examination and, if necessary, eyeglasses, which will be given out free of charge. 

The initiative, implemented in collaboration with the Department of Social Policies, Health and Rights of the Municipality of Milan in the context of a week of activities and events dedicated to disadvantaged people, will involve children and adults, both migrants and Milanese citizens. In total, around 700 people will be examined.

The project is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, by the Lombardy Region, by IAPB – International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, the WHO's national partner for World Sight Day, and by the Italian Ophthalmological Society (SOI).

The examinations will be performed by ophthalmologists from the Neovision Cliniche Oculistiche. 

Quality of vision is a fundamental factor not only for individual wellness but also for social wellbeing. One out of seven people in the world lacks access to eye care throughout their lifetime.

For around 2.5 billion people, vision correction is, therefore, still a luxury. These are the premises underlying this initiative, given that there are still many visually impaired people throughout the world and in Milan as well. Unable to access the necessary treatments, they perceive vision problems.

Last updated: Oct 12 2017