Luxottica takes eyewear shopping experience to next level with digital display technology.

Luxottica takes eyewear shopping experience to next level with digital display technology.

Interview with Matteo Rizzi, the expert of the Digital Broadcasting Program for Luxottica.

The project brings state-of-the-art digital displays to retail stores to increase shopper engagement and discovery and improve brand storytelling.


What are digital displays? What is their purpose?

Digital displays are screens of varying size and format that display digital content, designed to replace advertising boards and posters in sales networks in order to improve in-store experience and make optimum use of the store space, having a large emphasis on brands and their stories using high-quality screens and customized content.

Furthermore, the screens grab the customer’s attention and are capable of encouraging customer engagement, with content that is increasingly in line with their expectations and that is able to connect the physical in-store space with the world of communication and social media. Through content-rich and engaging material such as videos, animations and photos, the effectiveness of advertising is also improved.

How did this project come about?   

With the latest consumer data and market trends in hand, Luxottica saw the potential of a major investment in digital store experiences. Particularly stores that rely on brand storytelling to connect with consumers.  While the technology existed, we are the first to apply it at scale to the eyewear industry, making the customer’s experience much more engaging and content-rich. With the Luxottica Digital Broadcasting Program, our dream of a truly digital instore experience is on its way to becoming a reality.

What are the goals of the Program?

We have three primary goals. First, we want to change the way consumers engage with our brands in stores.  To do this, we not only needed leading display technology, but we needed to create an entirely new process for curating and delivering content to stores.  Our second goal is to ensure we’re closer to bringing the digital and physical worlds by providing a digital experience that mirrors what they might find online.  The third goal is to tap into the rich assets we have available to us through marketing campaigns – including videos, animations and photos, to communicate in the most compelling way possible.  The stories are there, but we need to tell them in a thoughtful, provocative way that grabs the customer’s attention and encourages their engagement.

We’re also committed to making it simple for the stores – our installation is fast, low-cost and takes the burden of managing content off the in-store staff so they can dedicate more time to their customers. 

What are the responsibilities of your team?

When I took charge of the project in December 2016, I made a commitment to bringing key Luxottica functions together to accomplish our goal of introducing digital displays in thousands of stores, curating content and managing the technology behind it.  Today, we collaborate daily with Brand Management, Retail, Purchasing, Trade Marketing and IT  on various aspects of the project.

The team, in particular is responsible for creating and broadcasting the branded content across stores, activities that appear simple, but that involves managing complex matters that arise between technology and content that is to be promoted. We share everything from campaign assets and content schedules to the stories behind the collections and the product offerings available in stores. We are essentially creating 200 updated “playlists” of digital content every three weeks to be projected across stores.  While it’s a big task, we know it is just the beginning of what’s possible.

How many displays are there today and do you have a goal for number of displays?  

We’re implementing four different types of digital screens: Standard, a digital display that grabs the customer’s attention and engages them with specific animated messages; Retrocassa, a digital wall with animated images and messages which can be seen from other areas of the store; and Custom, digital screens that are custom designed for specialist shops, and are particularly significant for the shopping experience, with highly customizable formats and sizes. Finally, there are four genuine Digital Out of home high-definition LED panels, with customizable content and formats.

The first phase of implementation involved Luxottica-owned stores, where almost 4,000 screens have been installed.  Our goal is to increase this number in all stores, including those that are redesigned. The main market is the United States, followed by Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

The displays with the greatest impact are undoubtedly projects such as those found in Salmoiraghi Viganò in San Babila or Cordusio, with special high-brightness LED walls which are perfectly integrated into the displays, or the billboard in Times Square, with a huge 300m2 LED wall, visible from both the square and Broadway Street.

The second stage of the project will commence in 2018, and will involve select wholesale customers with the installation of the Massive Digital Tool (MDT), a high-brightness 32” screen created exclusively by Samsung for Luxottica, which has integrated 3G connectivity to meet the needs of our opticians. This new tool will be available in 10,000 stores by the end of the year and is an additional factor of innovation within this project.

Alongside the Digital Broadcasting project, there are other initiatives that expand digitalization in stores by using interactive tools in order to offer an increasingly more engaging shopping experience. 

What are the benefits of the Luxottica Digital Broadcasting Program?

The benefits can be summarized as follows: quick installation across the world; relevant messages updated in real time; increased time and cost efficiency; in-store staff working less on content management, so that they can dedicate more time to looking after customers and enhancing their in-store experience.

The Luxottica Digital Broadcasting Program, a massive initiative given the size of our network and the amount and frequency of content being transmitted, is the latest example of Luxottica’s commitment to innovation, especially when it comes to the consumer experience.

Published on Jan 17 2018