Material or sculpted by the wind?

Material or sculpted by the wind?

Eyewear covered with wool or with simple lenses crossed by a metal wire. Paris brings its tour of the fashion world to an end: these are the trends

Material or sculpted by the wind?

Paris is well worth a look! Fashion week in the Ville Lumière is always the most exciting because of the presentations and fashion content. They even manage to amaze a disenchanted trade press! Locations transformed into supermarkets and excellent debuts draw the attention of the entire world. That’s enough to amaze, eyewear included.

Some clues: sleeveless jackets and overcoats, trousers cut off at the knee or with high waists and wide legs, super-miniskirts in fur or goose down, with stitching that looks like embroidery. Colors: forest green, camel, burgundy, gray, orange.  In other words, austere but softened with unusual, luxurious materials.

Eyewear frames are primarily cat-eye shapes and often with strong motifs: toile de jouy, the typical French wallpaper pattern, camouflage or even covered with bouclé wool that matches the sneakers. On the other side, a range of more design-oriented eyewear where the frame is just a wire that crosses the lenses to form the temples.

Lens colors: from light to dark brown, red and orange (especially for the sporty wraparounds), but also black. Total black for the snazziest cat-eye frames: seemingly sculpted by the wind, they are slim, incomplete and more tapering and aerodynamic than usual.

Published on Mar 10 2014