A new era for Arnette: get on board!

A new era for Arnette: get on board!

Popular because of its passion for genuine freestyle sports and its functional quality at an affordable price,  Arnette is experiencing a complete relaunch in 2016. 


Arnette is the Californian easy-going eyewear brand that aim to talk to young people (and “young at heart”), with an active (yet relaxed) approach to life.

Set up in 1992 and acquired by Luxottica in 1999, recently, the brand was the subject of a global relaunch project, which defined a new business strategy and ambitious objectives with the expansion of its target and renewed energy directed at the Millennials.

This new Arnette era involves a genuine connection with its roots and the consolidation of the bond with its reference world: active life and charged-up sports, like skate and surf, that are popular not only in California, where Arnette has its roots, but also in key countries like Brazil and Australia.

Launched end of May, the new “Get on Board” campaign is the celebration of this relaunch strategy: in fact, “get on board” means not only “get on a surf or skate board”, symbols that have always been in the DNA of Arnette and its community, but also “be ready to take part to the new global brand journey”.

In the campaign, the return to origins is represented by a trip down the California coast – from windswept San Francisco Bay to sunny Zuma Beach – enjoying the company of a family of ambassadors: a professional surfer, an artist, a photographer and a music band, united by their passion for surf. Simple and genuine, they personify the real spirit of Arnette. Laidback and authentic, they choose the brand’s eyewear because of its attitude, design and reliability.

The relaunch of Arnette is based, not only by a new communication campaign, but also on 2 different product segments: Casual Urban and Free Spirit – both inspired by a constraint-free contemporary lifestyle peppered with outdoor and urban adventures. The renovated authentic easy-going spirit of Arnette finds its expression on both Sun and Optical products that embody the perfect match between functionality and style.

Wear a pair of Arnette and  get on board for an endless trip to summer!

Find out more on http://global.arnette.com/get-on-board/

Published on Jun 21 2016