Oakley Latch: from skateboard icons, a piece of style and functionality

Oakley Latch: from skateboard icons, a piece of style and functionality

Oakley Latch is one of the last sunglasses created by Oakley designers in collaboration with skateboard icons Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, along with globally renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson. Special feature: if you hook the frame onto your T-Shirt or jacket, it will never fall off!


Style, functionality and a secret feature that inspired new Oakley shades’ name: a patented latch mechanism built into the frames, enabling wearers to securely fasten the sunglasses onto their shirt collar or open pocket. Thus solving a problem that happens to many athletes, but not only: glasses falling off (and get lost) while you’re walking or running.

Oakley Latch is an exclusive collaboration from Oakley designers and the world of skateboard through its iconic legend Eric Koston, globally renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson, two young pros Sean Malto and Curren Caples. The eclectic pairing of creative talents delved deep into the Oakley archives for inspiration. The group also drew on outside sources ranging from classic video games to movies to fashion in order to create a design that combines cool style with modern functionality.

The creative process for Latch began with inspiration boards and roundtable discussions with the Oakley design team, taking the aesthetic concepts from the four collaborators to develop sketches and prototypes. With an eye to all elements: from frame shape to logo placement, to solutions that can really keep up and improve any active lifestyle.

Oakley Latch is the ultimate result of teamwork. Adding a modern twist to a classic and timeless style, the Oakley designers created a minimal and timeless rounded frame, lightweight and stress-resistant, which combines benefit of technology and functionality, from unparalleled optical clarity and precision to patented latch, the mechanism that, once and for all, will prevent your glasses to fall off.

Oakley Eyewear Designer Daniel Chae noted “The same way a performance piece allows you to perform better in your sport, Latch is a style piece that allows you to perform better in your life – combining revolutionary technology features with a beautifully designed product. Latch is a true testament to Oakley’s continuous belief that everything can and will be made better.”

Published on Mar 22 2016