Oakley supports #BicyclesChangeLives initiative

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Oakley supports #BicyclesChangeLives initiative

Oakley, a brand closely connected with sport and cycling, and sponsor of South African team Dimension data, one of the strongest in the world, has decided to offer concrete help to those that are most in need. How? By embracing and promoting the Qhubeka #BicyclesChangeLives Day initiative.


Qhubeka, a non-profit association that offers support to the people of Africa, has launched #BicyclesChangeLives with the goal of giving as many bicycles as possible to the people that most need them.

In some areas of Africa, the majority of people live in rural districts without roads, water or electricity. In South Africa, every day hundreds of children walk many miles under the blazing sun just to get to school and back home. This is why a bicycle can make a huge difference in places where even the most basic of things are missing. In some parts of the world a bicycle is not just a means of transport but a form of emancipation, growth, development.

This is why Oakley has decided to raise awareness of the initiative by inviting, through specific communications, companies and athletes to contribute by making a donation on the dedicated website.

Oakley produced some limited edition t-shirts for the project, which were  given to athletes and influencers. They were requested to wear the #BicyclesChangeLives t-shirts and post a selfie or other content using the hashtag #BicyclesChangeLives and tagging @Oakley and @TeamDiData.

Bicycles can change the world and these activities carried out with the support of Oakley can literally create a virtuous "cycle".

Published on Sep 14 2017