One of the biggest opportunities was to learn new ways of working, strengthening and enhancing essential competencies

One of the biggest opportunities was to learn new ways of working, strengthening and enhancing essential competencies

All over the world, we have been working to develop initiatives to protect our people as we face the coronavirus pandemic together. We asked Vanessa Proença, LATAM HR Director, and other Luxotticans in Brazil, to share their experience with us.

One of the biggest opportunities was to learn new ways of working

“What measures have you implemented to face the COVID-19 emergency?”

“The outbreak of COVID-19 pushed us to make significant changes to the way we work, with the primary purpose of protecting the health of our employees and guaranteeing business continuity at the same time. For this reason, we rapidly established an internal Crisis Committee to take quick decisions, implement new procedures and launch new initiatives. On top of the new Work from Home policy, we introduced different initiatives such as tips about How to Work from home efficiently, a webinar series, including one with a Doctor who answers employee’s questions about COVID-19”.

“Despite the difficult time and the period of social distance, Luxottica is providing support and guidance on all changes. All these incentives keep me motivated and happy to belong to Luxottica’s Group.”
Paula, Key Account Manager 

“Every day I feel more passionate about Luxottica and proud to belong. Even in the middle of a crisis, we were positively surprised by the way Luxottica took care of all of us. Always very transparent and caring with everyone.”
Cristina, After Sales Coordinator.

“What are the main challenges that you are facing?”

“The main challenge was to implement a massive Work from Home policy in a very short period, being aware that this was not only a change in our ways of working but also a true mindset shift. I was really surprised about the extraordinary results we obtained. The IT team did a great job helping us to set up tools and systems in record time, and Luxotticans have adapted very quickly to the 'new normal' by respecting the time of meetings and adjusting their routines at home. We live in a part of the world where face-to-face contact is really important. For this reason, setting up the right tools was crucial to make us feel closer even if we are not in the same place.”

“One of the hardest things to give up was our very Latino greeting ritual – hugs and kisses are gone, and now we meet each other on Microsoft Teams. The change was tough at first, but then we started to share on camera a little bit of our personal lives, things we never would have shared back in those days before the virus. I now feel that I truly know my colleagues”.
Paula, Expansion Coordinator

“Do you see any opportunities coming out of this unique experience?”

“I think one of the biggest opportunities is to learn new ways of operating and acting, which also translates into strengthening and enhancing competencies that are essential in this situation, like resilience, creativity and decision making. I believe that this will be essential to have our people ready in case we have to face a similar situation in the future.”

“How can you describe the level of collaboration among Luxotticans during this time?”

“Incredible. Our people immediately understood the severity of the crisis and adapted quickly to the changes. Luxotticans are very entrepreneurial and open to new things, they are supportive of the Company’s decisions and committed to collaborating. Moreover, I think that thanks to the capability to quickly react and the determination of being close to each other, our sense of belonging is now even stronger.”

“Even though we are far apart, we are always together and connected! That is how I describe the day-to-day work with my Luxottica colleagues – full of support, dedication, understanding and respect.”
Bruna, Executive Assistant 

“An important activity among the Financial, Commercial and Customer Service teams is the Daily warm up with area managers. This has been effective in keeping the teams aligned with financial challenges and opportunities, allowing cascading among all levels, which has increased the sense of belonging despite the social distancing.
Michelle, After Sales Director

“What kind of approach do you think was most successful?”

“In my opinion, the best approach is to maintain constant Communication, Alignment and Transparency
Over-communicating is almost essential under crises, it helps everyone in dealing with the unknown and uncertainties. Consequently, when the Leaders show they are close by communicating frequently and being transparent, this makes the difference and the result is having the Organization aligned, committed and engaged. Humility proved to be a fundamental value during this situation. We need to be honest by admitting that sometimes we don´t have all the answers but that together we will get through it and overcome this.”

“I think that employees will come out of this pandemic more united and motivated to work at Luxottica. We will have a super-engaged team ready for a recovery.” ù
Flavia, Sales Administration Manager

Published on Jun 17 2020