OneSight far!

OneSight far!

New collaborations and the launch of programming in countries never reached before by OneSight, as well as the continued developments of initiatives launched during 2018 have defined 2019 thus far. And the future? Lots of surprises are in store.

OneSight far!

OneSight in Cambodia

This May marked saw the extension of a fruitful collaboration between OneSight and the Essilor Vision Foundation, which joined forces to bring vision care to remote areas of Cambodia. In rural communities, average salaries are low and the inaccessibility of places often prevents people from taking care of their eyesight and the necessary health of their eyes.

Cambodia was only a first step towards new missions together: this year, in fact, 50 Essilor employees will work alongside Luxottica volunteers in 16 different clinics worldwide. In addition to Cambodia, the cooperation will cover Chile, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, the United States, Thailand and Tanzania. Simultaneously, the Essilor Vision Foundation involves more than 300 Luxottica employees in 80 volunteer initiatives. This partnership brings together Essilor and Luxottica's commitment to sustainability through the common goal of improving access to eye care and allowing people to see more, be more and live life to the fullest.

OneSight in The Gambia

Until six years ago in The Gambia, there was only one optometrist. Working together with the Ministry of Health, OneSight started to set up self-sustaining vision centers that ensure access to eye exams and glasses for Gambians while also creating jobs and building local capacity so they can provide vision care long-term in their own communities. In June, OneSight and The Gambia Ministry of Health signed a document that marks a big step toward a constant commitment to solving the problem—the transition of the operation of the vision care infrastructure over to the government of The Gambian. Today, there are seven vision centers and a manufacturing laboratory serving over 2.2. million Gambians, an important result that has positive effects on the territory: having the right pair of glasses has had benefits not only on people’s sight, but also on the social fabric and their economic status.

OneSight in Jordan

For its first mission in the Middle East, OneSight chose Jordan, where in March of this year it was able to help both the local population and Syrian refugees. Princess Alia Bint Hussein visited the Al Mafraq clinic on the first day of activity, showing her highest support for the initiative. The inflow of patients was high since day one. Thanks to the help of local institutions, the 52 volunteers were able to manage huge flows of people from all over the country: at the end of their experience in Jordan, 2,647 patients received care; more than 500 per day. Among them, many young people who had difficulties at school due to inadequate lenses or worn-out frames received the right pair of glasses, thus able to return to their studies and to their passions.

OneSight for refugees

Even beyond the Syrian refugees in Jordan, OneSight is committed to reaching vulnerable populations wherever they are. Among the 68.5 million displaced people in the world, 25.9 are refugees, according to UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency – and contributing factors include wars, increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, poverty and social disparities . On June 20, on the occasion of World Refugee Day, OneSight showed its support to the UNHCR and talked about its clinics in Tanzania, Colombia and Thailand, where a pair of glasses can make a difference in a person's life, especially for those who live in extreme conditions and are away from home.

OneSight tomorrow

Currently, 128 permanent centers provide access to eye care for over 25 million people in nine different countries and 100,000 patients are seen each year, thanks to temporary clinics, but still OneSight does not stop. In its next missions, Mongolia and Nepal will be reached for the first time and, thanks to last year’s positive experience in the Amazon, the innovative floating clinic will continue to be used, this time boosted by a surgical compartment.

Published on Sep 03 2019