When the first store opened in Sydney in 1932, the retail chain carried the name written in full: Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers. Around the world there are very few optician retail chains that can claim to possess an archive book with black and white photos from such a distant past: they are the proof of a precious legacy that has passed through time with its original values intact.


In 2017 OPSM marked the 85th anniversary since its foundation, celebrating the evolution that has made it a brand synonymous with optical care and assistance for the Australian consumer. Today, with a network of 322 stores in Australia and 48 in New Zealand, the brand looks ahead to its future with new confidence, together with over 2,400 employees that are part of the organization.

From the moment of its acquisition in 2003, Luxottica has guided the development of the brand with emphasis on some key elements, starting with an unrivaled assortment of products and brands and an excellent level of service to the end consumer.

In the last eighteen months OPSM has experienced a phase of re-birth. Behind it all are results achieved in terms of sustained quarterly growth, attributable to the implementation of some important strategic choices, starting with the centralized management of the ranges and the policy of price harmonization at an international level. Decisions that have been taken across the Group, which are also having a positive impact on the other retail brands within our portfolio. 

Added to this is the project defining the new, improved store design. The newly designed OPSM retail outlets make the customer experience central during the purchase process, with even more support from digital instruments. 

The use of new materials and new, fresher and more modern, display solutions mean that products are showcased in the best possible way; in new stores, the number of optometrist consultancy rooms has increased, a key factor in a market where glasses are still closely associated with a medical component by a consumer with high expectations in terms of functionality. Launched in the first half of 2016, by the end of 2017 year the new store design has been implemented in 25% of the OPSM stores, with the aim of extending it to the rest of the network in the future.

OPSM is, at the moment, Luxottica’s only retail brand to have completed the transition to the so-called “showroom model”, eliminating the stockroom supplies in each retail outlet and ensuring more efficiency In this new model the support from Operations and Logistics is crucial. Each pair of glasses purchased by an individual consumer is produced ex-novo and delivered within a few days: it is the logic of a “fresh pair for everyone”. 

Successively, there will be technological investments to improve the diagnosis and treatment of vision defects and eye diseases. 3D digital scanning of the retina and AccuFit, a digital system that OPSM shares with LensCrafters that supplies optometric measurements five times more precise compared with the traditional methods, are some of the more innovative technologies available to the Australian customer.

Published on Jan 15 2018