Patients touching our hearts: Day 2

Patients touching our hearts: Day 2

Today is our second full clinic day in Lima, Peru. We worked as a team to resolve several typical first-day “bugs”, something that’s a normal part of the process during all OneSight clinics.


In the end, we’re putting our flexibility and imagination to work so our patients can have a great eyecare experience with OneSight.

With logistics ironed out, the doors opened and we had a great day, seeing patients who  continued to make our visit to Lima a heartwarming and rewarding experience. 


Angels in the blue shirt

Our clinic coordinator, Becca from Oakley in California, was overjoyed to see a patient from yesterday who returned to pick up her new eyeglasses.  At 81 years old and less than 5-feet tall, this little woman stole Becca’s heart.  See Becca’s smile as she talks about this patient.


Sweethearts in red

Everyone enjoyed our 6-year old twin patients today, Sabrina and Kassandra.  These little cutie-pies in their red coats stole the heart of Stephen from China, who helped them select their new frames.


School kids in uniform

Flo from Italy was so happy to help a lot of children today at the frame selection table. She was beaming all morning, just like in the photo below.


Traveling a long way to get here

Little Valentina traveled 2.5 hours to get to our clinic today with her mother and brother. She’s only 4 years old and has never worn glasses, but Dr. Carol from Ontario, Canada said she has a very high prescription. She and Jody from Kansas were thrilled to help her so she’ll see clearly with her first pair of eyeglasses.  Her mother, Wilma, told our translator that she loved the experience at the OneSight clinic today. “It was a beautiful experience,” she said. “Everyone helped a lot. Thank you.”

Last updated: Jan 12 2016