Inaugurated three years ago with the objective of monitoring the quality of suppliers, the Acetate Laboratory of Sedico was born to transfer technical and quality know-how about acetate internally, because this material is of crucial importance for the creation and production of many products.


Developing the skills of Luxottica on this front has made it possible to upgrade procurement strategies, increase the quality of the final product, and provide better service to licenses within the brand portfolio by coming up with exclusive acetates with high fashion content.

The laboratory has found the most suitable space inside the Sedico plant, which has always been specialized in the production of acetate frames. The prototype machinery installed in the 500 square metres of the laboratory make it possible to produce special acetate samples, using colouring agents, pigments, and additives that are sold exclusively to Luxottica by their suppliers.

This is the creative side of the Acetate Laboratory, which collaborates with the Product and Style Office to tangibly materialize the design ideas and meet the needs of our licenses, transferring the latest trends emerging in the world of fashion to acetate slabs, in inimitably and more quickly way. 

The mission of the Acetate Laboratory is to create the first prototypes to be submitted for approval by the style offices, while mass production of the slabs is in any case entrusted to our outsourcers both in Italy and abroad, thereby establishing a more direct and objective contact in the creation of the production of acetates.  Research on the characterisation of the raw materials from which the cellulose acetate is produced also afforded a different perspective – and some more know-how – on what Luxottica was buying from their own suppliers and begin collaborating by exchanging information objectively.

The knowledge accumulated over the course of the years has allowed the company to shift their working relations with suppliers to a more technical level, starting out with precise supply parameters that aim to boost quality. And moreover, a better understanding of the entire supply and production chain allows our company to monitor costs more accurately. 

“Over these years, we were able to improve the supply of acetate, demonstrating an advanced internal technical knowledge of this material. The dialogue with our suppliers today has become much more objective – explains Guido Grandi, Acetate Laboratory Manager –. It is no longer a question of viewpoint, but of numbers.” To this view, an important sign has arrived from some foreign suppliers who have progressively invested in machinery and equipment for building quality laboratories similar to the one now present in Luxottica.

Last updated: Jun 28 2017