"Re-opening is all about team-work, organization, communication and trust”

"Re-opening is all about team-work, organization, communication and trust”

What does re-opening after the Covid-19 emergency look like? We asked this question to Fabio Buoncristiano, our Asia HR Director based in Dongguan (China) where Luxottica has a strong manufacturing presence for the APAC region, and where society is slowly returning to a new normal. According to Fabio’s view, we can list four dimensions that are crucial to re-opening: teamwork, organization, communication and trust.

“Re-opening is all about team-work, organization and communication, but most of all it’s about trust”

What was the impact of the last period on teamwork? Did it change at all?

The battle against Covid-19 affects everyone within the organization, no matter the organizational level, your position or the role you have. We had (and still have) to fight together against something none of us have seen before. Each of us has the power to make a difference and contribute, even if in a small way. We had to learn a lot, adapt to a new set of rules and realities and make some sacrifices.

When we had to provide temperature checks twice a day to eleven thousand employees or help organize the complexities of social distancing, we could count on the support of more than 170 volunteers. All of them were employees, people that really want to help, feeling proud to be on the front lines!”.

How has being organized become so relevant today?

The re-opening phase is made up of a few specific elements that need to be managed very well. We had to avoid the presumption of doing massive things, and rather focus on precision and details. Furthermore, having simple and clear mechanisms or tools to get people to quickly respond and give feedback is crucial to promote a collaborative environment.

What about the approach of communications?

Beyond the regular cadence of internal and external communication, there is something closer to people's hearts: honesty and transparency. We earned the trust of our people by sharing the good and the bad. Communication is also critical to break the cultural barriers that exist, ensuring that people feel heard, respected and appreciated. 

You mentioned trust. Can you tell us more?

Trust is the key to making this all work. Being upfront about the situation, not sugar coating it but also giving our people the time and space, they need to absorb information and come on board. In turn, we need to trust our people from management on down. We need to believe in each other every day and get through this together. We do it with optimism and a passionate sense of voluntarism that distinguish each Luxottican.

Published on May 11 2020