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Sunglass Hut

Founded in 1971 as a small kiosk in a Miami mall, Sunglass Hut has grown into one of the world’s leading destinations for the most sought-after high quality and performance sunglass brands. Stores can be found in fashionable shopping districts across the globe, from the Americas, Europe and the Middle East to Australia, South Africa, China and Southeast Asia and beyond, providing consumers with a fun, highly engaging shopping experience.
Sunglass Hut has been expanding its presence in developed markets and emerging markets, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, India and Southeast Asia. In 2016, Sunglass Hut became the exclusive operator of sunglasses concessions in 57 Galeries Lafayette and LE BHV MARAIS department stores across France. Sunglass Hut offers a consistent and connected experience across all customer touch-points including online, instore, social and mobile, and utilizes in-store digital tools to access to an “endless aisle” assortment in every store location. As part of this strategy, the brand is investing in the digitalization of the in-store shopping experience, particularly in North America, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Australia.
As of December 31, 2016, Sunglass Hut operated a retail network of 3,269 stores worldwide, including 3,104 corporate stores across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, South Africa and Latin America and 165 franchised locations mainly in the Middle East and India.


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Last updated: May 09 2017