Sears Optical: the new brand identity focuses on quality, style and service

Sears Optical: the new brand identity focuses on quality, style and service

The Luxottica’s Sears Optical retail chain launched its new brand identity in June. Leveraging its 50+ years in optical care, the brand  wanted to bring greater clarity to its unique value and what it stands for. A value that is especially appealing to families seeking to improve eyesight through uncompromised quality, attainable, on-trend styles and trusted service. 

Sears Optical: the new brand identity focuses on quality, style and service

The design of a new brand identity is built around two simple questions: who are we today? how our customers, institutions, employees, associates perceive us? If there’s a gap between the two answers, it's time to take action. And so begins the journey inside and outside the company, drawing upon its history and heritage, through its evolution, how it has changed over the years until today. The result? A story that tells the brand identity and values in a refreshing way and leans forward to the future

Launched in June, the Sears Optical new brand identity focuses on three key aspects: quality, style and trusted service. And talks to families, conveying the message that vision care is vital to the richness of family life and doesn’t need to be compromised. It is the very reason why Sears Optical makes style attainable and affordable, providing high quality vision care and reliable service. With a brand promise: to treat customers like members of a family, helping them to get more out of their lives by seeing and looking their best. 

How does the new brand identity reflect these messages? Through evocative, emotional imagery showcasing family lives, diverse relationships from kids to grandparents, to pets! These are “paintings” of everyday lives: authentic, real, spontaneous, showing people experiencing life in positive ways. The color palette is emotive and warm with gold, burgundy and a lighter blue to complement Sears blue. We must wait for the second half of 2014 into 2015 to see components of new branding: today we can find new visual merchandising, advertising and CRM materials.

A curiosity? The new brand journey started from an open conversation with Sears Optical community: consumers, doctors, field leaders, Sears (the department store chain that hosts Sears Optical). To get inspiration, share emotions and values. The story of the “Sears Optical family” has just begun…

Published on Jun 30 2014