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Social Impact

A company of people, for people. This is Luxottica, where value creation and long-term sustainable growth go hand in hand with a virtuous system for developing people and social relations in order to guarantee the well-being of employees and the communities in which the Group operates. The Group’s activities are founded on a series of key values such as its focus on people, the development of skills and expertise and the creation of a working environment that offers everybody the same opportunities on the basis of merit and without discrimination.

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Creation and distribution of economic value 

The information on “Directly generated and distributed economic value” permits a different interpretation of the economic figures and demonstrates Luxottica’s ability to generate wealth and distribute it to its stakeholders, representing the link between economic and financial data and non-financial information.

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People, the real driving force of luxottica 

More than a duty and a right, at Luxottica employees view their work as an opportunity to fulfill needs and realize dreams, professional ambitions and personal aspirations. For this reason, and driven by its ability to invest in the future in an attentive and far-sighted way, the Group has developed an innovative welfare system that promotes the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. Employees are thus even more motivated to do their best in terms of creativity, passion and team spirit.

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The Safety Culture

Adapting work to the worker is the principle that underpins the health and safety protection afforded to all of the Group’s employees. In fact, safety leads to well-being, prevention and collaboration. To encourage safe behavior and facilitate the management and prevention of risky situations, over the years the Company has developed a workplace health and safety culture. 

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