Social Impact

People, the real driving force of luxottica 


Developing people is the focus of the Group’s growth strategies. In this context, diversity in thinking is a source of cultural enrichment and is therefore promoted and rewarded. Having qualified, motivated and engaged employees is crucial for its long-term success. Whatever the geographical region, site or subsidiary, employment at Luxottica is regarded first and foremost as an opportunity for professional and personal fulfillment, rather than a duty or right.

Community with purpose. Those who work at Luxottica are not just part of a company but a genuine community where they are able to fulfill their professional and personal ambitions. Community is much more than just a value for the Group. Over time, Luxottica has strengthened its company welfare system and made an effort to listen to people in order to improve their lives at work and at home.

This is because the Company recognizes that every employee is a person that needs to feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The aim is therefore to make them feel part of a strong community and company that protects their interests, passions, dreams and needs in the most concrete way possible.

Being part of a true community also means feeling rewarded and appreciated for the value each employee brings to the table as part of a meritocracy. This concept is the base of the remuneration policy and performance assessment system and around it three organizational levers have been developed:

  • organization and integration of support functions for the various businesses;
  • a common company language that enables the various businesses to work in synergy;
  • quality of the recruitment process, quality of the training process to improve existing company expertise and strong focus on talent development.

Talent management. Working at Luxottica means growing in a company that does not admit any discrimination or favoritism and invests in the future in an attentive and far-sighted way, introducing or developing new skills and expansive ways of thinking. In fact, talent development is a key element and comprises three areas:

  • the process of reviewing resources to give employees the necessary margin for growth and fulfillment;
  • talent development, with the possibility of participating in training and advanced courses that provide all of the tools necessary to face a fast-changing world;
  • performance monitoring and evaluation of every individual, based on criteria of merit, professionalism and competence.


As to December 31, 2018 Luxottica Group has 82,358 employees, 62% of whom are in the retail business, 5% in the wholesale business and 32% in production and logistic activities. The Milan and US corporate offices employ the remaining 1% of the Group’s total workforce.

Distribution of employees by business area7 (2018 vs 2017)

Distribution of employees by geographical area

In 2018 the total number of employees has decreased by 3%. This must be read in the context of the organizational simplification and strategic, operational, technological and managerial renewal started in 2015. The centralization of global business and product strategies has allowed Luxottica to think more centrally and perform rigorously at the regional and country level.


Looking at the company population there is a clear dichotomy between employees under 35 years of age, who account for almost 60% of the workforce, and employees of over 50 who represent around 11% and are equally distributed across all professional levels in the Group. This examination of the data as to December 31, 2018, suitably compared with the data used in 2017 in accordance with GRI Standard 405-1 “Diversity of employee”, confirms that employees between 30 and 35 years of age are appointed to managerial positions.

Group employees by professional category and age group

Blue-collars White-collars Middle managementSenior managementTotalTotal %
<35 years old
66% 43% 29% 8% 47,155 57%
35-50 years old
25% 41% 55% 77% 25,953 32%
>50 years old
9% 16% 16% 15% 9,250 11%
Total 55,237 22,091  4,073  957  82,358 100%

Type of contract

As to December 31, 2018, 65% of employees have permanent contracts (64% in 2017). The remaining 35% have fixed-term contracts, which are connected with the seasonal nature of the retail business and Operations.
As regards the type of contract, approximately 67% of employees have full-time contracts (66% in 2017).

 TotalTotal %Women %Men %
Employement contract        
Permanent 53,816 65% 62% 38%
Fixed-term 28,542 35% 66% 34%
Full-time / Part-time8        
Full-time 55,035 67% 60% 40%
Part-time 27,323 33% 68% 32%
Total 82,358   63% 37%


For a global group like Luxottica, diversity is not merely a concept to safeguard, but a distinguishing trait of the entire organization, that is extremely varied in terms of culture and identity and, as such, is able to meet the needs and expectations of equally diverse and global consumers. Within the company, everybody has the same employment and professional growth opportunities. No individual characteristic - whether it be gender, age, religion, origin, marital status, disability or sexual or political orientation - will ever be used to discriminate against somebody during their career within the company. Luxottica has a clear policy of paying employees equally for the same or equivalent work, regardless of their sex (or any other characteristic set out above). Professional roles and promotions are evaluated and assigned in order to guarantee a fair and meritocratic modus operandi.

Women represent 63% of the overall headcount and cover over 40% of the managerial roles in the world. Luxottica aims to foster their development with initiatives that promote their talent and leadership, as evidenced by the growing number of women in top positions within the Group, up 7% in 2018, proof that their career development process is faster than that of their male colleagues. In Italy, the solid and active participation of the female Italian managers in the training initiatives and seminars organized by Valore D in Milan is well established. In North America, Luxottica is a supporter of the Optical Women’s Association (OWA), a non-profit organization that connects women from the optical industry across North America. The OWA provides networking, including events with outside speakers, monthly newsletters and member events at trade shows. Nearly 100 women across Luxottica are members of the OWA and several female leaders from the Company have been honored over the years for their support of the organization and their mentorship of other women.

Group employees in 2018

Professional categoryTotalWomen %Men %
Blue-collars 55,237
(67% of total)
67% 33%
White-collars 22,091
(27% of total)
58% 42%
Middle management 4,073
(5% of total)
47% 53%
Senior management 957
(1% of total)
32% 68%
Total 82,358 63% 37%


There is no sustainable development if the Group’s growth is not accompanied by an improvement in the lives of employees and their families and the safeguarding of health and safety in the workplace.

The welfare system

Since 2009, Luxottica has implemented an innovative welfare system which has quickly become a benchmark model in Italy. The system involves economic, health, educational and social initiatives for the Company’s over 12,700 Italian employees and their families.

The main action areas are youth and education, income support, health and well-being, sustainable transport, personal and family services in this way favoring the work-life balance.

Proof of this can be seen in the important results the program has achieved since its inception as regards:

  • reduction in turnover and absenteeism with an improvement in employee attendance rates at the Group’s production plants, also on working Saturdays;
  • increase in the sense of belonging and loyalty to the Company;
  • improvement in quality of life with an increase in the real value of the wages and purchasing power of employees, also thanks to the use of basic goods and services.

Over the years, Luxottica’s welfare has proved to be a system that is capable of financing itself. Part of the benefits, mainly the result of the increase in efficiency and productivity that derives from greater company well-being, are in fact invested in welfare initiatives, fostering a genuine virtuous cycle which supports the well-being of employees, that are even more motivated to do their best in terms of creativity, passion and team spirit.

7 The breakdown of employees by business areas as to December 31, 2017 was reviewed in accordance with the methodological criteria adopted in 2018, which is more precise in dividing employees between the wholesale, retail, operations and corporate areas.

8 Full-time: employee whose weekly, monthly or annual working hours are defined by the law and national legislation in the area of working hours. Part-time: employee who works fewer weekly, monthly or annual working hours than a Full-time employee