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People, the real driving force of luxottica 


More than a duty and a right, at Luxottica employees view their work as an opportunity to fulfill needs and realize dreams, professional ambitions and personal aspirations. For this reason, and driven by its ability to invest in the future in an attentive and far-sighted way, the Group has developed an innovative welfare system that promotes the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. Employees are thus even more motivated to do their best in terms of creativity, passion and team spirit.

Community with purpose. Those who work at Luxottica are not just part of a company but a genuine community where they are able to fulfill their professional and personal ambitions. Community is much more than just a value for the Group. Over time, Luxottica has strengthened its company welfare system and made an effort to listen to people in order to improve their lives at work and at home.

This is because the Company recognizes that every employee is, first and foremost, a person that needs to feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The aim is therefore to make them feel part of a strong community and company that protects their interests, passions, dreams and needs in the most concrete way possible. 

Being part of a true community also means feeling rewarded and appreciated for the value each employee brings to the table as part of a meritocracy. This concept is the base of the wage policy and performance assessment system and around it three organizational levers have been developed:

  • organization and integration of support functions for the various businesses;
  • a common company language that enables the various businesses to work in synergy;
  • quality of the recruitment process, quality of the training process to improve existing company expertise and strong focus on talent development.

Talent management. Working at Luxottica means growing in a company that nurtures talent and develops new skills and expansive ways of thinking. A company that believes in training and that gives every opportunity to those who want to grow and completely fulfill their potential. 

In fact, talent development is a key element and comprises three areas:

  • the process of reviewing resources to give employees the necessary margin for growth and fulfillment;
  • talent development, with the possibility of participating in training and advanced courses that provide all of the tools necessary to face a fast-changing world;
  • performance monitoring of every individual.

The Group also continues to invest in emerging talents and expertise. Having qualified, motivated and engaged employees is crucial for its long-term success. 


As to December 31, 2017 Luxottica Group has 85,150 employees, 57.5% of whom are in the Retail business, 11.0% in the Wholesale business and 30.7% in production and logistic activities. The Milan headquarters employs 0.8% of the Group’s total workforce

Distribution of employees by business area

Over the years Luxottica has continued to grow, with the number of the Group’s employees increasing by 3.5% from 2016 to 2017. This increase took place primarily in Europe (+17%) and Latin America (+10.5%).

Distribution of employees by geographical area

Women represent 63% of the overall headcount and cover almost 50% of the managerial roles in the world. Luxottica aims to foster their development with initiatives that promote their talent and leadership. The solid and active participation of the female Italian managers in the training initiatives and seminars organized by Valore D is well established. In September 2017, the Company further underlined its commitment in this area by signing the “Manifesto for female employment”, a document that defines actions and concrete tools to ensure greater gender diversity and inclusion in Italian companies.

Around 64% of contracts are permanent (54,382 employees). The remaining 36% are fixed-term contracts and connected with the seasonal nature of the retail business and Operations. 

As regards the type of contract, 66% of employees have full-time contracts

Group employees in 2017

TotalWomen %Men %
Professional category      
Blue-collars 50,545 68% 32%
White-collars 28,593 59% 41%
Middle management 5,095 50% 50%
Senior management 917 31% 69%
Employment  contract      
Permanent 54,382 61% 39%
Fixed-term 30,768 67% 33%
Full-time 56,622 62% 38%
Part-time 28,528 66% 34%
Total 85,150 63% 37%

(a) Full-time: employee whose weekly, monthly or annual working hours are defi ned by the law and national legislation in the area of working hours Part-time: employee who works fewer weekly, monthly or annual working hours than a Full-time employee

Luxottica is a company with over 50 years of history and an incredible youth employment rate. In fact, youth employment is a key focus for the Company, so much so that it was the first in Italy to introduce the idea of the “generational pact or handover”. This initiative makes it possible for around 100 Italian employees three years from retirement age to take a part-time role between 2015 and 2018 without any impact on their pension, and for the same number of youth workers, selected on merit, to be hired on a permanent basis 

The Group’s cutting-edge and far-sighted approach is also reflected by other important initiatives, such as the creation of the e-commerce team. Developed in 2016 and 2017 in the Milan headquarters, this new department dedicated exclusively to the Group’s e-commerce business involves around 70 people, 60% of whom are women, with an average age of 31 and a variety of wide-ranging expertise, the result of job rotation opportunities within the Group or know-how acquired externally.

Considering the entire Company population, approximately 45% of Luxottica’s employees are below 30, and they are followed by employees aged between 30 and 50. The majority of managers and senior managers belong to this latter age range: on average, 3 managerial roles in 4 are covered by people of between 30 and 50. Employees over 50 years of age are equally distributed among the various different roles in the Group.

Group employees by professional category and age group

<30 years old 54% 35% 10% 1% 37,956
30-50 years old 37% 50% 73% 82% 37,372
>50 years old 9% 15% 17% 17% 9,822
Total 50,545 28,593 5,095 917 85,150


There is no sustainable development if the Group’s growth is not accompanied by an improvement in the lives of those that work there and their families. This is why, since 2009, Luxottica has implemented a welfare system which has quickly become a benchmark model in Italy. The system involves economic, health, educational and social initiatives for the Company’s over 10,000 Italian employees and their families. 

Developed as a means of supporting the needs and well-being of employees and their families, since its launch Luxottica’s welfare system has generated important results in terms of company well-being, such as:

  • reduction in turnover and absenteeism with an improvement in employee attendance rates at the Group’s production plants, also on working Saturdays;
  • increase in the sense of belonging and loyalty to the Company;
  • improvement in quality of life with an increase in the real value of the wages and purchasing power of employees, also thanks to the use of basic goods and services. 

The main action areas are youth and education, income support, health and well-being, sustainable transport, personal and family services and the work-life balance. 

The Group’s approach to company welfare represents an innovative model also in terms of industrial relations. The trade union agreements at the basis of Italian welfare have contributed to the spread of a welfare culture in all geographical areas in which Luxottica is present, ensuring that welfare is not regarded in an isolated issue but rather integrated with the Company’s productivity systems. Proof of this can be seen in the constant monitoring of the hourly cost of work including all welfare initiatives in the Italian, Chinese, US and Brazilian sites (where similar welfare models are active, aimed at supporting income and well-being). This makes it possible to highlight and control efficiencies and to sustainably redistribute income to employees.

For Luxottica, welfare is a system that is capable of financing itself. Part of the benefits, mainly the result of the increase in efficiency and productivity that derives from greater company well-being, are in fact invested in welfare initiatives, fostering a genuine virtuous cycle.

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