To see the
beauty of life

Visual well-being

Luxottica promotes well-being and the health of peoples’ eyes through the excellence of its products: frames and lenses of the highest quality, authentic works of art to be worn, the result of continuous innovation in design, materials, technologies, and constant analysis of fashion and lifestyle trends. These products are indispensable in protecting and improving vision and enhancing the beauty of the eyes. They are everlasting icons across different eras and powerful tools for the expression of personality - unique eyewear for unique people.

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Eyesight is a precious resource. Through their eyes, irreplaceable windows on the world, people capture thousands of images every day, admire the beauty of a landscape or work of art, express emotions and feelings, communicate most spontaneously, powerfully, and immediately. This is why protecting your eyes is so important, and why prevention is so important.

Eye-care is a key element in the Luxottica mission which it pursues through the production of excellent eyewear in terms of quality and design and a compelling and highly-specialized service offering through its chain of optical stores around the world.  

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Innovation and quality culture

Innovation is deeply rooted in Luxottica. From design and product development to distribution channels and digital platforms, the entire business model is infused with innovation.

Innovation in design is one of the pillars of Luxottica’s success, and is based on the close relationship with consumers in different markets allowing the Group to understand and anticipate their changing tastes and lifestyles. Design innovation doesn’t stop at aesthetics, it extends to every aspect of eyewear, beginning with the choice of innovative materials that are for example more lightweight and resistant and the search for solutions like special hinges that guarantee the best fit on the face.

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Intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting

Intellectual property is one of Luxottica’s most important assets, and ensures the excellence, uniqueness, and incomparability of its products. Protecting it assumes fundamental importance for the Company’s identity, the protection and value of the work, and the health and safety of the consumers. Luxottica has developed an intellectual property protection system that involves the entire Group in synergic action on all fronts.

The first is the registration and maintenance of the Group’s brands and patents around the world. Luxottica has over 1,000 patents divided among utility, technology, and design patents.

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