To see the
beauty of life

Visual well-being

Luxottica promotes well-being and eye health through the excellence of its products: frames and lenses of the highest quality, the result of continuous innovation in design, materials and technologies. These products are indispensable in protecting and improving vision and enhancing the beauty of the eyes. Respecting and promoting these two aspects, which reflect people’s needs and desires, is one of Luxottica’s strengths, and translates into a complete approach targeted at the well-being of the consumer.

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Eyesight is a precious resource. Eyecare is a key element in Luxottica’s mission which it pursues through its products and services. Each pair of eyewear is the result of an ongoing research & development process in which stylistic innovation is solidly linked to the need for functionality and comfort. Ensuring that people see well and express their personality is a commitment Luxottica has been renewing daily for over 50 years with the same passion and devotion.

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A culture of quality: at the service of customers, employees and the community 

Luxottica’s culture of quality is one of its most distinctive values and can be seen in the manufacturing of every pair of glasses and in the way the Company looks after its customers, its employees and the community.

The Group applies the same “made in Luxottica” quality control system to every phase of the process, from product development to procurement, from distribution to analysis and monitoring of product performance. This meticulous quality control system encompasses four laboratories in Italy, China, Brazil and the United States. Each is responsible for the quality in its region and conducts the same tests, using the equipment and procedures developed and approved by the Italian central laboratory.

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Protecting intellectual property and the struggle against counterfeiting 

Intellectual property is one of Luxottica’s most important assets, and ensures the excellence, uniqueness, and incomparability of its products. It is based on the registration and maintenance of the Group’s trademarks and patents across the world (over 950 utility, technology and design patents protected by policies, procedures and IT tools designed to identify any eventual anomalies in sensitive data flows).

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