Visual well-being

A culture of quality: at the service of customers, employees and the community 


Luxottica’s culture of quality is one of its most distinctive values and can be seen in the manufacturing of every pair of glasses and in the way the Company looks after its customers, its employees and the community.

The Group applies the same “made in Luxottica” quality control system to every phase of the process, from product development to procurement, from distribution to analysis and monitoring of product performance. This meticulous quality control system encompasses four laboratories in Italy, China, Brazil and the United States. Each is responsible for the quality in its region and conducts the same tests, using the equipment and procedures developed and approved by the Italian central laboratory.

The laboratories are organized in three distinct verification areas:

  • mechanical: over 100 tests are conducted to evaluate the functionality and durability of the materials, lenses, frames, and other parts, such as the temples, cores, and hinges;
  • chemical: the safety and strength of materials and coatings are checked by raising the different environmental conditions eyewear normally encounters to extreme levels: massive quantities of solar UV radiation, heat, humidity, corrosive substances, sweat, and more; optical: both ophtalmic and sun lenses are put to strict testing that evaluates their physical properties and structural characteristics. The tests carried out here verify lens performance under extreme weather conditions or incorrect use in order for consumers to be ensured the maximum protection safety and optimum vision every moment of the day. 

The products designed and produced by Luxottica are equal to or exceed the sector’s highest standards in terms of safety, performance and durability. During the development process, the products undergo strict acceptance testing to the standards established specifically for eyewear by ANSI (Z.80.3), ASTM, Standards Australia Limited (AS 1067) and the EU (ISO EN 12312 and ISO EN 12870). These standards refer to the safety and performance of the products and establish optical quality indexes, anti-UV protection, the degree of light transmission and impact resistance. 

The quality laboratories in Italy, China and the United States obtained certification from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in 2014 for the execution of the ISO 8624 and ISO 12870 tests on eyewear products. The A2LA accreditation program results in the official recognition of technical skills and quality management. 

Every year, Luxottica improves the performance criteria used for its quality tests and introduces new requirements that are more severe than international regulations. Thanks to the efficiency of its quality control system, the percent of returns remained at around 1% in 2017.


The Group has developed a culture of greatest attention and responsibility in regard to the environment and human beings starting in the product development and supplier selection stages. In terms of production, this approach is expressed in the careful selection of materials in order to avoid the inclusion of harmful substances that may cause damage to the environment and the health of consumers, collaborators and employees.

All the materials are subjected to rigorous control operations on their chemical composition, physical and mechanical characteristics in order to ensure the respect of the quality standards and safety requirements prescribed by national and international certifications and Luxottica specifications. 

The Group also selects and monitors with careful attention its supply chain, obliging all its suppliers of both raw materials and finished products to comply with the European REACH Regulation and international legislation on the restriction of harmful or potentially harmful chemicals. The compliance of these materials with the safety requisites guaranteed by the supplier is thoroughly checked, in some cases through additional laboratory tests conducted by specialized third parties.