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A culture of quality: at the service of customers, employees and the community 


Luxottica’s outstanding culture of quality can be seen in the manufacturing of every pair of glasses and in the way the Company looks after its customers, its employees and the community.

The quality laboratories

The Group applies the same “made in Luxottica” quality control system to every phase of the process, from product development to procurement, from distribution to analysis and monitoring of product performance. This meticulous quality control system has been developed by the Italian quality laboratory and is replicated, using the same equipment and procedures, in the rest of the world. As a result, the manufacturing sites in China, the United States and Brazil each have a quality laboratory that is able to monitor and maintain the quality that defines all of the Group’s products.

Following its work in the area of safety and Behavior-Based Safety in Italy, in 2018 Luxottica sought to underline the importance of quality based on the correct conduct of individuals. Beginning with production processes, audits were introduced at all Italian sites to check their compliance with quality procedures. These assessments are carried out directly by department heads and are added to the existing assessments.

Every year, cutting-edge technology and the internal development of new tests, with more stringent criteria than international regulations, enable Luxottica to improve the quality of its products. In 2018, new tests were introduced to guarantee enhanced performance in terms of both the durability of products and their resistance to mechanical strain and environmental stress, laying the basis for the automation of laboratory tests. This will allow to free operators from performing repetitive tests, while at the same time enabling them to quickly fine-tune the newly designed tests

The quality control system has evolved in step with the complexity and richness of collections and models, ensuring that the percentage of defective returns remained below 1% in 2018 as well.

Customer relations

For Luxottica, promoting a culture of quality also means recognizing the needs of customers and end consumers, assisting them in all phases of the purchasing process, both offline and online, and supporting them via dedicated after-sales services.

In 2016, the Group’s retail business launched a program to track the journey of every consumer, understanding their needs, anticipating their wishes and strengthening the relationship with them along the way. The goal of this effort is to continuously tweak and improve both the in-store and online purchasing experience. In 2018, this strategy encompassed the Group’s main e-commerce websites as well as Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sears Optical, OPSM, Laubman & Pank and David Clulow for a total of over 5,000 stores across the world.

Luxottica’s Customer Service department, which includes the Contact Center and After Sales, manages technical and commercial assistance requests from the wholesale, retail and e-commerce channels.

The Contact Center is made up of over 800 qualified multilingual Group employees who respond to phone, email, social media and instant messaging requests from North America, Brazil, Europe and China. The Center provides a contact for customers and consumers in both the pre-sale phase (dealing with requests for information on specific eyewear styles, for example) and the after-sales phase, forwarding requests to the After Sales team if necessary.

The After Sales team supports customers and consumers that have purchased products made or marketed by Luxottica, from managing returns to warranty policies for eyewear collections, corrective lenses and Oakley’s apparel, footwear and accessories (AFA), purchased by wholesale customers and end consumers in the Group’s stores or e-commerce sites. To guarantee the prompt management of requests, After Sales is present at each logistics hub, providing customers in their respective geographical areas with the assistance they need: Sedico for EMEA, Atlanta for North America, Dongguan for Asia-Pacific and Jundiaí for Brazil.

At the beginning of 2019, a dedicated portal was launched to provide assistance to owners of Ray-Ban eyewear who needed to purchase spare parts, whether under warranty or not. Currently only available in the United States, it will soon be launched in the Group’s other geographies.