Visual well-being



Eyesight is a precious resource. Eyecare is a key element in Luxottica’s mission which it pursues through its products and services. Each pair of eyewear is the result of an ongoing research & development process in which stylistic innovation is solidly linked to the need for functionality and comfort. Ensuring that people see well and express their personality is a commitment Luxottica has been renewing daily for over 50 years with the same passion and devotion. 

The Group is a founding sponsor of the “Think About Your Eyes” campaign in the United States, promoted by The Vision Council and the American Optometric Association, which has resulted in an increase in eye exams in the US. And here Luxottica plays a key role in eyecare having acquired optical retail chains LensCrafters and Pearle Vision in 1995 and 2004 respectively. The former contributed what was a revolutionary eyecare concept at the time: eye exams, choice of frames and the lens processing all inside the store. 

In subsequent years Luxottica invested heavily to be able to offer cutting-edge eye exams as well as frames and sunglasses from leading brands in its over 5,100 optical stores across the world. Virtuous examples include LensCrafters stores in North America, OPSM stores in Australia and New Zealand and Ray-Ban stores in China, that offer consumers advanced eye exam technology such as Clarifye, which makes it possible to identify serious eye diseases and perform the early diagnosis of other conditions. Luxottica has revolutionized the in-store experience with digital windows and iPads that customers can use to view an endless aisle of brands, models and colors and to simulate the lens treatments available. And the journey continues with ophtalmic lenses customized according to the needs of the consumer. This latest development is the result of important investments in the central lens labs in the US, China and Italy. 

The Group’s commitment to eyecare extends to the Wholesale division, which offers training and education courses to its customers. The courses, available in person and online, cover topics ranging from the in-store purchasing experience and advising consumers on the most suitable frames to the design and innovation of the frames and lenses and the importance of quality testing at Luxottica.