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Sustainable Product Development


For Luxottica respecting the environment and people means, first and foremost, carefully selecting the materials it uses for its manufacturing processes. All the materials are subjected to rigorous control operations on their chemical composition, physical and mechanical characteristics in order to ensure the respect of the quality standards and safety requirements prescribed by national and international certifications and Luxottica specifications.

The Group’s unwavering focus on excellence and commitment to research has led to the introduction of innovative materials - defined as Biobased by international standards and regulations (such as ASTM D6866, ISO 16620 and EN 16640) - into its portfolio of raw materials. These materials also include the acetates M49, Biocell and ECA UV and the injection molding material BTR600, 56% of which is produced from renewable sources (castor oil).

The Biobased acetates are biodegradable thanks to their chemical composition, which is different from the acetate normally used in the Group’s products. On the basis of the ISO 14855 certification, these materials are 97% biodegradable thanks to the presence of plasticizers completely free of phthalates in their composition, and for this reason are easily broken down by microorganisms found naturally, guaranteeing their biodegradability.

Additionally, during 2018 research projects have been launched to examine the possibility of recovering and regenerating obsolete polymeric materials deriving from warehouse stocks. The aim is to create a circular process that makes it possible to reintroduce waste materials into the production cycle, either in percentages that do not compromise the quality of the finished product, or by identifying possible new application areas.