Why fashion brands choose Luxottica

Why fashion brands choose Luxottica

An interview with Matteo Battiston,
Head of Design


Why do fashion brands choose Luxottica?

Luxottica is a global company, both internationally-minded and at the same time a symbol of Made-in-Italy values and excellence. The most prestigious brands rely on Luxottica for its distinctive qualities: a proven business model, a dedication to excellence, constant design innovation, product and service quality, and a growing international presence. Our relationship with these brands is based on trust, shared passion and mutual success over the years.

What role does Luxottica play in the fashion world?

To understand our impact, you have to look back to the Eighties, a hugely creative decade with the fashion world displaying a growing interest in the eyewear industry. Luxottica was able to identify and recognize the potential of this trend, and in 1988, the company signed a license agreement with a true icon in the fashion world, international designer Giorgio Armani. This was a milestone moment where we began to see glasses transformed – from mere tools for correcting visual impairment to an accessory capable of conveying a personal style and expressing one’s unique personality.

This event sparked the beginning of a long history of collaboration with the top fashion houses, including Bulgari and Chanel which followed in the 90’s and Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana in the 2000’s. They see Luxottica as the ideal partner to translate their brands into glittering and astonishing eyewear collections for their clients, and skillfully attract customers with different tastes and lifestyles. 

What goes into designing a new collection?

Each year, Luxottica launches around 2,000 new models, thanks to the talent and experience of our large team of designers. Every collection emerges as a result of continuous dialogue with the brands in order to understand their identity, values and requirements.  

Inspiration is backed up by a careful study of lifestyles and cultures, and stoked by ongoing connections with art, science, technology and fashion, all of which lead to the creation of original and innovative materials.  

These materials – everything from titanium and carbon fiber to leather and lace – must reflect the stories behind the brands as well as the desires of the final consumer.  Designers delicately balance this form with true function, ensuring that these tiny works of art are durable, safe and comfortable enough to sit on the wearer’s face for many hours a day. The Group uses the most state-of-the-art technologies and refined craftsmanship skills in to create every pair of frames. The quality of our glasses is guaranteed by strict quality checks that go above and beyond those required by international regulations in the field.

The project of a pair of glasses is born thanks to in-depth research about materials, industrial processes, market, interactions with final costumers, new techniques and technologies, but it also comes from the sensibility and feelings that shapes and materials can stimulate. All of those elements match with brands’ stories and, even more, with the kaleidoscope of final customers’ stories because the life of a pair of glasses starts only when worn.

Luxottica’s Design Studio creates a vision for the future and shares it with all those taking part in the construction process. This way, the entire supply chain is prepared to connect the style of the new models with technological research, development of new lenses and materials, sourcing of new techniques and machines. The process allows us to work side by side with the creative directors of our brands to anticipate market trends, translate them into a vision for our brand portfolio and then work together on a consistent story that touches consumer’s hearts and minds.  

How does your team identify and interpret trends?

Trends start as subtle signs from society, then slowly begin to influence our tastes and how we think and finally, the choices we make as consumers.

Our team looks to fashion, architecture, music, art, automotive, food, social media and other areas for trends in color and materials, but also trends in sensibility, social attitudes and cultural shifts.   

For a few years here at Luxottica, we have worked to integrate this process into our collections. Instead of a top to bottom approach, an international research team created inside our Design Studio shares its findings with Brand Directors, Research and Development, Operations and other internal teams to integrate the trend-scouting process into the development of our collections.  

Which part of your job is your favourite?

I would say the overall magic in the organization, the way that concepts become projects and ideas become reality when we apply the brand’s language. It’s a process that can only happen when there is a constant dialogue among our brands, the Design Studio, our partners, our suppliers and other parts of the company.

There is an incredible amount of breadth to designing a product at “Made in Italy” standards and the standards of Luxottica, but I’m rewarded every time I see someone wearing one of our creations.

Published on Jun 06 2018