A 20-year Partnership To Help Mexicans See

A 20-year Partnership To Help Mexicans See

Today began the commencement of a very special clinic. This marks the 20th OneSight clinic that has taken place in the country of Mexico.


This is a very special monument for the partnerships between OneSight and the Devlyn Foundation. Devlyn Optical is the largest client of Luxottica in Mexico and has its own foundation. This is a family owned business that's has been passed through generations and also works very closely with CADI, our wonderful host here in Mexico. CADI is a family owned organization for adults with intellectual disabilities such as Down Syndrome or Autism that strives to help in preparing them to live independently. This is very close to home for the family, as their son Joaquin is the inspiration behind this dream that has come true.

Joaquin was very excited to join us in this adventure to help the world see. He volunteered alongside the clinic team assisting in guiding our patients to the next stations needed. He was very determined to get the job done and was very proud to stand alongside us. What he may never know, is how honored we were to stand alongside him and the other CADI students who volunteered with us. For them, this is their home, their family and their friends. Even with the struggles they endure daily they never falter. Each volunteer, including Joaquin, welcomed us into their world with open arms. To say that the clinic team was honored to work with them is an understatement. The work they have done at CADI is truly amazing and it shows in their dedication to help their community.

This partnership amongst all is exactly how the world can come together for a common cause and how OneSight can contribute to the global vision crisis.

Each person and each moment counts.

Now is the time to spread the beauty in the world.

Published on Dec 21 2017