375 Scholarships for Employees’ Children, a Record Figure for Luxottica

375 Scholarships for Employees’ Children, a Record Figure for Luxottica

This year marks the eleventh edition of the Luxottica welfare initiative that rewards employees’ children who have achieved outstanding grades in their scholastic and academic work.

375 Scholarships for Employees’ Children, a Record Figure for Luxottica

A total of 375 scholarships were awarded, the highest number since the launch of the program, which has awarded more than 2,880 students of all age groups since its first edition.

This year, eighth graders who finished their schooling with an overall average of 9 were awarded a prize of €1,000 euro, while those who achieved a 10 received a scholarship of €1,200 euro.
High school students were awarded based on their school-leaving grades: €1,500 for those who scored 90, €1,600 for 95 and €1,700 for 100.
University students were also included in the distribution of grants. Completing a bachelor’s degree with a grade of 105 or 110 resulted in an award of €1,750 and €2,000 respectively. Students who graduated with a specialist degree – which also includes students from single-cycle faculties – were allocated €2,000 for those who scored 105 and €2,300 for those who achieved 110. Finally, master’s students received a grant of €2,000.
The 375 winners include 92 eighth graders, 81 high school graduates, 21 bachelor’s graduates and 32 specialist or single-cycle degree graduates, as well as students who are currently completing their studies and who have distinguished themselves for their grade point average.

The event was streamed from the Auditorium at the Milan headquarters to allow everyone to safely participate and it was also a great opportunity to introduce this year’ theme – the future – in an interactive way using technology.
During the award ceremony, in addition to a live speech by Elvina Finzi and remote contributions from Giorgio Striano, Federico Buffa, Chiara Parisi and Francesco Sist, the winning students were given an opportunity to interact and describe their idea of the future by creating hashtags, taking part in short quizzes or answering questions about their own path and expectations for the future.
This special occasion demonstrates Luxottica’s focus on the growth and training of younger generations and on caring for its own people, involving not only employees, but the entire family in its welfare.

Published on Apr 21 2022