From research and product development to manufacturing and digital channels, find out how innovation can be found across the board at Luxottica.




    The innovations of the past

    A legacy that Luxottica gathered after the acquisition of the brand, giving new impetus and continuing determinedly to innovate to date.

    The 30s MEFLECTO

    Persol creates the first flexible stems. The system ensures comfort by preventing the stems from pressing against the temples. There is still no other technology like it on the market. Thanks to it, the eyewear will adapt to any shape of face.

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    Persol’s unmistakable symbol - patented in several countries – is the innovative hinge decorated with an arrow on the stem, inspired by the swords of ancient warriors.


    is an application of the Meflecto concept. The glasses were fitted with a flexible bridge (the “3-notch bridge” that is still used in model 649) that creates a comfortable curve and improves grip. An internal metal reinforcement is applied to the stems of new models, which allows them to be adjusted in length and curve.

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    Persol invested in technological research and development. It developed the polarized lenses that were used by Russian astronauts and Italian mountaineers. Persol also renewed its collaboration with the world of aviation.

    2016 THE NEW ARROW

    Persol innovation is also carried out through contemporary reinterpretations of the iconic models and hallmarks of the brand while remaining loyal to its identity. In 2016 relentless design work focused on one of the brand’s unmistakable symbol: the Arrow. The famous hinge was lightened in terms of weight and aesthetics. The process of continuous improvement of the Arrow led to shrink of 26% the former flex hinge while keeping its main features of great flexibility and resistance.