From research and product development to manufacturing and digital channels, find out how innovation can be found across the board at Luxottica.




    “We need to be open-minded and never assume that we have arrived, looking at the world as our only point of reference. We need to know how to enter the market and remain firmly there, changing, innovating and constantly improving, while preserving our DNA and our fundamental characteristics.”

    Leonardo Del Vecchio, Executive Chairman of Luxottica Group.

    Innovation is Luxottica’s founding principle

    Imagine solutions and turn them into reality. Explore new paths. Think like an entrepreneur. This is how we see innovation at Luxottica.

    The future with its infinite possibilities is a source of inspiration that every day drives us to create, experiment, perfect and implement new ideas.

    The company’s culture is forward-thinking and open-minded, inspired by the future of eyewear and all its unexplored opportunity. From the research of new materials and product development to manufacturing, distribution and digital platforms, innovation can be found in every corner of the company.