From research and product development to manufacturing and digital channels, find out how innovation can be found across the board at Luxottica.



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    Innovation in design is one of Luxottica’s pillars of success and is rooted in our ability to understand and anticipate consumer needs, tastes and aspirations.

    Designers and engineers are constantly engaged in exploring new possibilities to expand the boundaries of the eyewear world, creating models where stylistic innovation is combined with the most advanced technologies and new materials research with the capacity to rethink styles and functionality. The study of other sectors – from fashion and jewelry to design and technology – inspires ideas that can be applied to eyewear.

    With about 1,800 new models developed every year and over 1,000 patents, Luxottica is firmly at the forefront of setting industry standards and trends.

    Innovative materials and unusual combinations lead to the creation of eyewear with unique characteristics and appeal. The special alloys that Luxottica molds and uses to make very lightweight and indestructible eyewear come from the aerospace industry. Luxottica labs have developed a new technology for the combined use of steel and rubber. The result is a material with a different, softer design and good adherence to other materials ranging from fabrics to wood. The graphene, revolutionary material with superior properties, makes its debut in the eyewear industry thanks to Luxottica.

    The developmentof new sun lens technology allows us to introduce both aesthetic innovations - such as color for Ray-Ban flash mirror lenses - and functional innovations, including Ray-Ban Chromance and Oakley Prizm lenses.

    By studying the mechanical parts of the frame that come in direct contact with the face, Luxottica develops innovative solutions that improve eyewear usability and wearability.

    While wearable technology is in its early stages, Luxottica has taken a leading role in exploring and developing smart eyewear through with leading technology innovators such as Google and Intel. In October 2016, Luxottica and Intel introduced "Radar Pace", Oakley-branded smart glasses with a voice-activated real time coaching system to improve the work-out experience and performance for runners and cyclists.