From research and product development to manufacturing and digital channels, find out how innovation can be found across the board at Luxottica.




    Emerging channels and services enable new connections with customers

    For customers

    Luxottica is constantly looking for new opportunities to build on its relationship with customers and consumers.

    The STARS program is a centralized automated system for the optimized and customized management of product choices, supply planning and restocking. It is an example of innovation applied to wholesale distribution services that allows us to strengthen partnerships with independent clients.

    Frames advisor is an innovative training program that allows opticians to turn eyewear buying into a unique and fun consumer experience. By studying the morphology and characteristics of faces and learning to distinguish essential personality traits, the optician becomes a trusted advisor in choosing the frame that is most suited to express and enhance the customer's personal style.

    Luxottica has significantly invested in Digital Visibility Tools, over 20,000 digital screens that provide an innovative service for communicating our products in line with consumers’ growing demand for digital solutions.

    A Customized Buying Experience

    Ray-Ban Remix is an online platform that offers the ultimate customized brand experience. Available only at, Remix allows customers to completely personalize an iconic Ray-Ban model by choosing their favorite frame, temples, colors, lenses and even engraving to create a unique pair of frames made just for them. The platform, a shining example of how e-commerce can be used to create stronger consumer connections, offers 480,000 different variations of a single frame.

    Innovation is one of the pillars of Luxottica’s success and is expressed in the ability to understand and anticipate needs, tastes and aspirations of consumers. Today, innovation is the cornerstone of the entire business model of the Group in every function, from design to production, logistics and service, and in every channel - wholesale, retail and online. The company heavily invested in the in-store innovation to make the shopping experience richer in content and increasingly engaging through digital windows and tools, which made it possible to evolve how consumers interact with the entire catalog of Luxottica products.