From research and product development to manufacturing and digital channels, find out how innovation can be found across the board at Luxottica.




    Innovation is thinking differently about how we take care of our people, develop our talent and create opportunities for them

    Luxottica’s Welfare program is a benchmark for Italian companies. It includes a series of financial, health, educational and social initiatives for employees and their family members. Its innovative strength lies primarily in:

    • The commitment of employees to the full success of the initiatives, which are constantly updated according to their real needs;
    • Its corporate sustainability, thanks to the efficiencies and benefits that can be achieved by improving the quality of work and the working atmosphere.

    Among the latest initiatives

    • A ‘generational pact’ between employees, which promotes the recruitment of young people in the company, while offering to employees three years away from retirement the opportunity to reduce their working hours;
    • The ‘life bonus’ provides a financial contribution to the legal heirs of an employee in the event of death, even outside the workplace;
    • The ‘solidarity microfinance’ initiative provides financial support to employees who find it difficult to access ordinary bank loans, in order to help them manage expenses that cannot be postponed;
    • An ‘ethical bank of time’ allows employees to donate part or all of the working hours set aside in the bank in favor of one or more colleagues in need. The time donated is then doubled by Luxottica.

    Develop everyone’s talent

    In a big, multicultural and dynamic community of over 82,000 employees around the globe, even the approach to talent development is unique and is based on the belief that everyone has the potential to contribute in meaningful ways. Several developmental programs leveraging on a variety of tools offered globally, regionally and locally support talent growth in building Luxottica’s leaders of the future.

    For example:

    • Leadership Lab program, involving managers from different businesses and geographies across Europe, aims at developing self-awareness while creating an authentic leadership style in managing team performance;
    • Several Workshops actively support the Company’s ongoing digitalization, to increase the knowledge of digitals tools and their implementation in different working environments.

    OneSight, which provides quality eye care and eyeglasses to people in underserved areas around the world, is a philanthropic effort driven by the passion and engagement of Luxottica employees. Luxottica is a founding sponsor of the organization, providing financial support and allowing employees to volunteer their working hours and skills by taking part in OneSight’s international missions.