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Counterfeiting is an illegal activity that can cause serious damage to the health of people, businesses and the whole economy with also the loss of jobs. In a broad sense, the term refers to the reproduction of an asset so that it is mistaken for the original, using a trademark, patent, design or another industrial property right without the permission of the owner.

Luxottica's commitment to prevent and combat counterfeiting of its products is therefore very intense and consists of a series of actions involving the entire organization in the world.

The first step is to protect intellectual property -  one of Luxottica’s most important assets - through the registration and enforcement of its trademarks and patents around the world. At the same time, Luxottica has created a network of global control in cooperation with local specialized institutions - customs organizations, law enforcement agencies - to intercept fake products in customs and fight by legal means the entire illegal production chain. Furthermore, Luxottica oversees suppliers and performs analyses of specific cases in order to directly hit big manufacturers of counterfeit goods. Customers have an essential role: they report daily - through website, social media and other contacts - about cases in which they are involved, resulting in the immediate activation of the investigation.

Cooperation with institutions worldwide allows to stop, seize and destroy hundreds of thousands of fake glasses each year. Through a strong investigative network, Luxottica has been able to identify, especially in China, in cooperation with the local police, key manufacturers of counterfeit goods and, when applicable, to file legal actions against the counterfeiters.

The Group dedicates considerable efforts to monitoring the trafficking of counterfeit goods through the internet, and works actively to remove fake eyewear from certain popular online auction platforms and shut down the websites that violate its intellectual property rights, through the sale of counterfeit products or the unauthorized use of Luxottica’s trademarks.

Luxottica is constantly searching for new ways to make more effective the fight against counterfeiting and counter the expansion of the parallel market that diverts goods to unauthorized sales channels. The phenomenon threatens the companies' identity - expressed through the strength of the brands and the quality of products - the solidity of the official markets (particularly eyewear), the health of consumers who buy poor and unsecured products.

In this context, Luxottica has developed GLOW (Guaranteed Luxottica Origin Worldwide), an innovative traceability system based on RFID technology which allows to verify the authenticity of the products as well as suitability of resellers through a sensor (RFID TAG) embedded in the frame. The device contains key information to identify unambiguously each pair of glasses, from production to sales destination. It is passive (emits no radio waves) so it is safe for health and does not record personal data but only delivers information about the products.

GLOW allows the Group to intensify controls throughout the supply chain, taking the necessary corrective measures to protect our brands as well as our clients and end consumers who rely on our company for the high quality of products and services.

GLOW is a global project available for the best-selling models of our house brands and still under development. Reports of possible violations shall be sent by the authorized retailers to Luxottica through email or dedicated app.

The implementation of this energetic anti-counterfeiting program enables Luxottica to send a strong message both to infringers and to its authorized distribution network. Exercising its rights against retailers of counterfeit eyewear, their wholesalers and manufacturers, meanwhile Luxottica highlights its authorized distributors the great value given to its intellectual property and that it constantly works to protect it.

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If you have come across counterfeit products or you would like to get in touch with us to report a suspected case of counterfeit related to Oakley or Ray-Ban products, please follow the link below. We wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time and for your support.


Last updated: Sep 11 2017