Sponsorship policy


Luxottica Group sponsors organizations and projects that share in the Company’s founding values – respect for the individual, health, personal and professional development, environmental conservation and social development.

In every activity sponsored, we look to achieve the following:

  • excellent and tangible results;
  • raise widespread awareness of the issues covered by the project;
  • active, long-term collaboration between Luxottica and the sponsored organization;
  • enrich the experience and skills of the teams involved.

Achievement of such ambitious objectives requires constant scouting and a formal assessment of the potential offered by the various opportunities, in order to focus efforts and avoid waste of resources.

Luxottica welcomes the chance to consider partnership and sponsorship propositions involving financial or other forms of support and collaboration.

Support may be applied for by public or private companies, non-profit organizations or individuals, provided the application is fully in line with the objectives mentioned above.

Luxottica reserves the right to reject any proposition that:

  • is in conflict with the objectives set forth above and/or does not reflect Luxottica’s principles of social responsibility;
  • reveals a conflict of interest or is not perceived as independent by public opinion.
Last updated: Apr 01 2016