Arnette: Born in 1992

Arnette: Born in 1992

Born in the 90s, Arnette has maintained its rebellious character and its connection to younger generations. Choosing to evolve from its Californian surf-n-skate roots to the city streets, the brand remains true to the casual style that has always been its trademark.


So, out with the wrapround sports styles and in with new models designed for the generation of Arnette’s peers: a relaxed approach without glossy slickness, in a return to those carefree times. The characters in Arnette’s new Born in 1992 campaign are never in affected poses, but are simply people having fun together, at home in the city’s streets and among its buildings. The atmosphere is retro, but the attitude of detached amusement about the world is more topical than ever, speaking straight to the heart of new generations.

The new collection, which is also environmentally conscious, will be available beginning in April.

Published on Mar 01 2019