ARNETTE POSITIVE, a new approach to sustainability

ARNETTE POSITIVE, a new approach to sustainability

Optimism and balance. Materials and products that are reusable, recyclable and reduce environmental impact, but most importantly, promote a lifestyle that can really make a difference. This is the new sustainable approach adopted by ARNETTE, which is aiming to promote a positive balance in its environmental relationship with the world around us. This has resulted in the new ARNETTE POSITIVE platform.

ARNETTE POSITIVE, a new approach to sustainability

From the manufacturing stage to the finished product, the ARNETTE POSITIVE project testifies to the brand’s eco-friendly vision with trendy eyewear collections featuring a sustainable, forward-looking design. Every single element that makes up the collection, from the point-of-sale displays to the packaging, has a single ambitious goal: to promote environmental protection with a circular approach, inspired by the mantra “what goes around, comes around”. Indeed, to date, as much as 70% of ARNETTE’s active range is sustainable.

The mission, initiated back in 2019, is to minimize environmental impact without sacrificing the fresh, modern and street-style look that has always distinguished the brand. This concept was translated into high-quality frames made of bio-based plastic and fully recyclable bio-acetate constructed with 50-70% materials from renewable resources, resulting in a significant reduction in residues and carbon emissions from their manufacture. Featuring bio-lenses, ARNETTE POSITIVE eyewear is accompanied by packaging made from recyclable salvaged materials, following a formula that conserves the environment by limiting waste disposal.

The brand’s new eco-friendly approach embraces not only lenses and frames, but also the materials sent to stores which, in addition to being plastic-free, have been entirely reinvented with a circular approach using production waste for bio-plastic frames.

The sustainable ARNETTE collections range from bold styles with striking geometric shapes to more minimalistic looks that reinterpret classic designs. All eyewear models are available in different colors and combinations of lenses and frames, but it is their use of bio-based materials that sets them apart. The collection is accompanied by a series of initiatives focused on sustainability: eco-friendly display solutions with a new dedicated pattern, the launch of a limited edition pair of glasses to celebrate World Earth Day and a learning module exploring the brand’s approach to environmental protection, available soon on the Luxottica University platform.

Published on Apr 23 2021