Arnette takes on sustainability

Arnette takes on sustainability

Arnette believes that the future is in all our hands and we all need to be aware of reducing activities that may have a negative impact on the health of planet earth.

Arnette e l’importanza della sostenibilità

This is the basis for the brand's mission: reduce the environmental impact of our products and brand activities, integrating sustainability as a core principle throughout the go-to-market process, from product design to in-store merchandising.

Arnette’s journey towards sustainability began in 2019 with the launch of the very first collection made with Bio-based materials. Today more than 70% of the active collection is made with alternative materials like Bio-nylon or Bio-acetate. Recycled materials have also been used for packaging and in-store promotional tools. In 2021 Arnette launched a new communication platform about sustainability: Arnette Positive, where the brand can show its commitment in a meaningful and relatable way.

This year the brand is celebrating the Earth Day with a special Limited Edition product, available in limited quantities on the new online platform

Plans for the near future are the keep innovating on its sustainable approach with the help of R&D, looking for new solutions on circularity on different product materials, and the launch of a brand innovative packaging in the market using recycled materials and substituting paper leafleat with a QR code embedded on the pack, which links to a web page with all the informations about packaging composition and materials.

The Arnette approach to the future of our planet is realistic and positive. According to their manifesto, it’s time to recognize climate change as real and doing things that positively contribute to the mission, from products’ materials to the things behind the scenes. The aim is to bring real change and engage brand fans in the sustainability journey using the symbol “+” to let them know that they are wearing a product that matches the Arnette philosophy.

Published on May 05 2022