Around the world with Vogue Eyewear Texture

Around the world with Vogue Eyewear Texture

For its latest fashion collection, Vogue Eyewear has explored the colors of the world, creating patterns with an exotic, cosmopolitan flavor, like the three global brand muses: Brazilian top model Adriana Lima, Indian actress Deepika Padukone and Chinese star Liu Shishi.

Giro del mondo con Vogue Eyewear Texture

For the Vogue Eyewear Texture collection, the theme chosen is printed fabrics – a very strong trend on the runways and for accessories – that come in numerous motifs, colors and moods.

In the Texture collection, the pattern trend has been reinterpreted through the cultural influence of the three brand muses to create a truly unique, international collection but with a “local” twist that evokes the roots and fascination of each muse’s region of origin.

The outcome of this creative process are three patterns that decorate the inside of the temples of the six eyewear models (three sun and three optical) in addition to one sun bestseller model (0VO2795S) in three different textures.

The exotic blooms pattern inspired by top model Adriana Lima features the typical colors of Brazil: patterns that are vivid, tropical and as juicy as fresh fruit, for brilliant and sunny personalities.

More baroque and in shaded colors, the print inspired by Indian actress Deepika Padukone evokes jade filigree and tattoos of henna art recreating an Asian atmosphere rich in spiritual energy and joy.

Like a delicate, serene blossom, the print inspired by Liu Shishi (“Liu Shishi for Vogue” signature on the temple; the other models are also signed by their muse) evokes an ancient culture of balance and harmony.

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Published on Nov 09 2015