Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Fragments of life “framed” by iconic glasses are the protagonists of the Giorgio Armani Frames of Life 2015 Eyewear campaign

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Every day our eyes capture thousands of images. We register emotions, sensations, perceptions. Fragments of daily life, different and real for those who experience them, anywhere, at any latitude. Instants of life passing through eyes framed by iconic glasses that set off each person’s uniqueness and beauty.

The new Giorgio Armani Frames of Life campaign tells the stories of five characters, different in origin, culture and emotions. People who do simple actions, imagine, dream and hope, every day. Five unique individuals who describe a frame of their life in a spontaneous, authentic manner: Kelly and her relationship with Italy; Anna, who grew up among the frozen forests of Finland; Melodie, who takes with her the memory of the colors of Martinique; Maximiliano and his roots among the scents of the Argentine land; Maaya and the oriental charm of Japan.

The Frames of Life collection is dedicated to those special characters and to those who, like them, want to see the world with their hearts and souls and not just their eyes. Because glasses are a way to capture the succession of unique instants that form our lives.

Frames of Life is a collection of exclusive models embellished with iconic details, made of ultra light, technologically-advanced materials that create a timeless style.

An innovative dedicated website: For the first time ever, thanks to the use of Face Tracking technology, users navigate with their eyes, with eye opening and closing movements acting as the click of a mouse.

Users will have the opportunity to participate in the campaign telling about frames of their lives: in this way one of them will become the sixth character and will be able to share the experience with friends on his/her Facebook personal profile in a dedicated Frames of Life album.

The Frames of Life campaign is featured in printed media, in a video, through interviews with each character to be released one by one on the website and on Giorgio Armani social media.

Published on Jul 22 2015