"Coaching Academy. Our managers keep growing"

"Coaching Academy. Our managers keep growing"

Coaching Academy is a new international training program designed for Luxottica's Managers, who will be able to bring their own leadership style into focus and develop advanced managerial skills and coaching techniques.


Being a leader means not only being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, but also being able to develop this awareness in your collaborators, stimulating them to seize new challenges and helping them express their potential. These are some of the objectives of Coaching Academy, a global training program that, in its first edition, involves 12 Managers of Luxottica coming from different countries and functions. A four months journey, during which they alternate moments of group learning - three modules of two days each, taking place in Milan, New York and London - and practice with their team and other attendees.

Coaching Academy offers participants the opportunity to bring their own leadership style into focus and develop key managerial skills, such as active listening and giving quality feedback, asking pointed questions, being challenging but at the same time supportive, stimulating others to express their excellence. This way, they will learn to actively use the coaching techniques to develop cooperation at its best, in relationships with collaborators, colleagues and direct managers.

‘For managers it is very important to use and to have a coaching attitude, because a coaching attitude has to do with getting the best out of your people and out of teams. In a general way, coaching is a way to increase awareness about your functioning and it gives you more choices. And this is true for managers and for collaborators’ - says Jan Ardui, the renowned executive coach who leads the Coaching Academy. In this video he explains his method.

Caring about people (‘Passion’) is one of the founding values of Luxottica, which is constantly investing in training and development of its people, in the quality of the working environment and in welfare. Coaching Academy is just one of the expressions of this commitment, which continues with other initiatives. We'll talk soon, stay tuned!

Published on Nov 03 2014