Commitment To Employees: the welfare system

Commitment To Employees: the welfare system

There is no sustainable development if the Group’s growth is not accompanied by an improvement in the lives of employees and their families and the safeguarding of health and safety in the workplace.

Commitment To Employees: the welfare system

Since 2009, Luxottica has implemented an innovative welfare system which has quickly become a benchmark model in Italy. The system involves economic, health, educational and social initiatives for the Company’s employees and their families.
The main action areas are youth and education, income support, health and well-being, sustainable transport, personal and family services in this way favoring the work-life balance. Proof of this can be seen in the important results the program has achieved since its inception as regards:

  • reduction in turnover and absenteeism with an improvement in employee attendance rates at the Group’s production plants, also on working Saturdays;
  • increase in the sense of belonging and loyalty to the Company;
  • improvement in quality of life with an increase in the real value of the wages and purchasing power of employees, also thanks to the use of basic goods and services.

Over the years, Luxottica’s welfare has proved to be a system that is capable of financing itself. Part of the benefits, mainly the result of the increase in efficiency and productivity that derives from greater company well-being, are in fact invested in welfare initiatives, fostering a genuine virtuous cycle which supports the well-being of employees, that are even more motivated to do their best in terms of creativity, passion and team spirit.

The Group’s approach to company welfare represents an innovative model also in terms of industrial relations. The trade union agreements at the basis of Italian welfare have contributed to the spread of a welfare culture in all geographical areas in which Luxottica is present, ensuring that welfare is not regarded in an isolated issue but rather integrated with the Company’s productivity systems.

Published on Nov 11 2020