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Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is the distinctive trait of Luxottica and can be seen in its creation of top-quality products and its respect for the people and areas where the Group is present. Its eyewear collections are the result of continuous investments in research, design and innovation and developed according to high quality standards with stringent controls that are equal or superior to industry standards in terms of safety, performance and durability.

Excellence begins with qualified, specialized people who are committed every day to giving their best and to providing products of high technical and stylistic quality together with unparalleled levels of service.

Excellence is a constant quest: its ability to reinvent itself and innovate are part of the Company’s story and characteristic of its business approach. This commitment to keep evolving and improving while staying faithful to its principles shapes the Group’s goals and success globally.

Excellence is an ethical driving force: the continuous creation of value over time is a goal common to all of the Group’s activities. It has long distinguished Luxottica’s Corporate Governance, the set of values represented by the Code of Ethics , the internal control and risk management system and the Internal Audit activities.

“Made in”: a common language in a company open to the world

This focus on excellence can be seen in the strategies undertaken to expand the business in new countries. As a global company, Luxottica interprets and values different cultures and the particular features of diverse markets and consumers. It promotes local development and, at the same time, takes new inspiration from it and exports the best values, innovation and creativity from all over the world.

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Risk Management & Compliance

Risk is an integral part of doing business and can be defined as any uncertain event that could threaten the achievement of business objectives and strategies or the Group’s tangible and intangible assets. 

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