Luxottica has had a presence in China since 1997. Over the past twenty years, the Group has expanded its activities in the country to include manufacturing, distribution and sales. Above all, it has acquired a deep understanding of the market and Chinese culture, becoming a model of integration in this region.


The manufacturing facilities of Luxottica in China are located in Dongguan, in the southern province of Guangdong, one of the most industrial regions of the country. There are now three factories: in addition to the first, acquired in 1997 and dedicated to the production of metal eyewear, Luxottica has built two additional factories for plastic eyewear (2006), metal components and decorations (2013). . The Company has opened a new logistics hub in 2017.

Innovation, efficiency, respect for the environment: these are the principles of the decorations facility, which has a close to zero environmental impact, one of the many examples of the sustainable commitment of Luxottica.

The facility for decorations, which employs about 2000 people, is a masterpiece of technology and craftsmanship, specialized in the production of small metal and other components and decorations for the entire Group. The manufacturing systems are a harmonious combination of cutting-edge innovation and environmental sustainability, with refined craftsmanship in the Luxottica tradition of excellence and quality.

The building was designed and built according to criteria of environmental sustainability based on respect for its surrounding areas, the optimum management of resources and the pursuit of harmonious integration with the natural ecosystem. To achieve this, Luxottica is committed to all regulatory standards and meeting the requirements set out in the permits granted by the local government, starting with the careful selection of building materials. All production lines and processes were designed to minimize the environmental impact, reduce the use of water and electricity, and limit waste, effluent and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The galvanic plant is a concrete example of this commitment, protecting the integrity of metal frames and enhancing their beauty by immersion into solutions of precious metals, adding shine and sparkle, whilst protecting them from wear and corrosion over time. In the past, the process required large quantities of water and produced considerable waste (particularly of metals and nickel). Today, Luxottica works with innovative technology that integrates into a single flow the treatment and recycling of wastewater, drastically reducing the consumption of water, effluent discharged into the environment and the need for energy.

Continuing the “journey” through the facility, further advanced solutions reduce CO2 emissions and guarantee maximum energy efficiency. For example, the lighting system comprises LEDs entirely, the air conditioning is centralized and the ventilation system recycles the air. Double glazing insulates and sound-proofs the facilities, improving comfort and further reducing consumption.

Published on Mar 21 2017